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25th Apr. 2017
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Syberia 3 Informations

In Syberia 3, the events take place after the second episode, where our heroine, Kate Walker, is found almost dead after leaving the island of Syberia. Luckily, a nomadic tribe, known as the Youkol, care of her all this time. In this new episode of the famous adventure, Kate Walker will face a series of unprecedented challenges in addition to old and new enemies.

A third-person adventure in which the two main components will be the exploration and puzzle-solving, in addition to collecting objects and tracks, all through beautifully recreated scenes and landscapes of incredible artistic quality.

Syberia 3 is also available on PS4 & PC.



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5 Reviews
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10/10 Apr 27, 2017
5/10 Apr 27, 2017

Syberia 3 Reviews & Ratings

May 10, 2017

Syberia 3 means the return of the saga in full. A long wait that's been worth it despite some technical issues.

May 21, 2017

Syberia 3 is the sequel of a series that has taken 13 years to arrive. The art of Benot Sokal with its puzzles and its great history make contrast with the poor optimization of the gameplay and loading times. Even so, both fans Of the saga and those who are not will appreciate all the greatness that awaits.

May 14, 2017

An inexcusable sequel to Kate Walker's saga, where the always brilliant Sokal art gets spoiled by a pitiful technical production and infuriating controls. Did anyone in Microids quality-check this game before putting it out?

Syberia 3 News

  • October 20, 2017

    Syberia 2 is coming to Nintendo Switch on the 30th of November.

    Syberia 2 is coming to Nintendo Switch on the 30th of November


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