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27th Apr. 2010
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Splinter Cell: Conviction Informations

Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

You are a fugitive, ruthlessly hunted by the very government you used to serve. Your only choice is to improvise to survive. Experience original gameplay based on improvisation in which your environment is your top weapon.

Always on your toes, you need to react on the fly to any changing situations and use the environment and the crowds around you to create diversions and deter your enemies. As a fugitive, quick thinking and adaptation are essential to turn the situation to your advantage. A gameplay experience delivering 100% adrenaline includes close combat and shooting sequences.

To survive, build an underground network of allies who will help you obtain high-tech gadgets and stay one step ahead of your pursuers as you struggle to unmask the forces that frame you.

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14 Reviews
Users Score
10/10 May 5, 2010
10/10 May 15, 2012
9/10 May 23, 2018
7/10 May 4, 2015
6/10 Sep 27, 2017
3/10 Jul 11, 2012
0/10 Dec 5, 2014

Splinter Cell: Conviction Reviews & Ratings


Why Sam has stepped out of the shadows and is on full out attack makes complete sense in context with the story, so if you can accept it for what it is and not dwell on the fact that it isn't what you've come to expect in a Splinter Cell title, you'll no doubt agree that Conviction rivals Chaos Theory as the best title in the franchise's history. [Jun 2010, p.78]


Arguably the best in the series. Better sneaking mechanic, one of the best cover systems ever, and pacing on a level unlike anything you've experienced in a stealth game, all while keeping it accessible to new players.


Sam Fisher is back. Conviction is faster, harder and offers more action than the predecessors, but it’s still a Splinter Cell game at heart. And for the first time, Sam Fisher is a real human character.


Sam might not be sticking to the shadows as much as he once did, but Splinter Cell's never been this classy. [July 2010, p.78]


Conviction appeals to a whole new crowd that grew up on creating distractions, using every single gadget in their inventory and dragging bodies into shadows. If Conviction is evidence of where Ubisoft is taking the series, they are about to win over a lot of new fans and potentially upset a portion of those already loyal.


New, different and excellent – this is an all new Splinter Cell. Is it good because of changes or despite the changes, that is the question. [Issue#191]


In trading substance for style, Conviction winds up hollow and unsatisfying. Co-op is the only saving grace. [July 2010, p.52]

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