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July 18, 2018
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Post Scriptum is a multiplayer action game in which we will experience intense 40 vs. 40 battlefield battles with units inspired by World War II. The game enjoys a high level of realism, not only in uniforms, weapons, aircraft or vehicle designs, but also in the movement time of a turret of a particular vehicle, the recharge time, and many other aspects that help differentiate the units available.

Everything has been reconstructed based on military archives and historical maps. Faithful recreation of historical weapons, famous vehicles and landmarks, bases, fortifications and barricades.  Each of the available maps has a huge size, about 140 square km and different game modes, such as Offensive, Stratagem and Sandbox.

More than 40 faithfully recreated vehicles and 50 authentic weapons from all factions and sides. An authentic display of armies that will delight all fans of this period and multiplayer games.


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