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Battlefield V (as it is initially expected to be called) will be the next delivery of the EA shooter and its release date will be November 2018. Although much information about this delivery is still unknown, rumors suggest that it will place us in the middle of World War II, although the subject is yet to be specified. What does seem certain is that Battlefield 5 will have a one-player campaign divided into episodes, just like its predecessor Battlefield 1 where we played with different soldiers from the Allied side.

There has also been speculation about the possibility of being able to play the individual campaign in cooperative mode, which would be a novelty in the franchise. As for the multiplayer mode, it is expected to have game modes similar to Battlefield 1, but obviously with different environments and more elaborate and destructive scenarios, as we have become accustomed in this franchise. As of today (April 2018) the rest of the characteristics of the expected title of Ea are still unknown, but from DICE they have reported that soon we will have not only more information, but also the trailer where we will be able to get an idea not only of the period in which the game will be placed, we can also get an idea of other factors such as the available weaponry, system of evolution of the soldiers, vehicles that we will be able to carry, etc….

What is clear is that you will need an EA account to download the game. UPDATE 24/05/2018: The first trailer of the fifth instalment of the famous Battlefield franchise has just been presented and, as we suspected, it will be set during the Second World War. In Battlefield 5 the weapons will have their own personality, with special emphasis on the progression of each of them, with different parts that can be modified to suit our style of combat.

but without a doubt one of the most pleasant news is that they are leaving the Premium model, that is to say, there will not be a premium version to purchase the DLCs, as they will be free for all users.


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