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24th Aug. 2018
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Little Dragons Cafe Informations

Little Dragons Cafe is the brand new simulation title from Yasuhiro Wada, father of the Harvest Moon series. Manage your own cafe, work together with the quirky staff members and raise your dragon in order to save your mum from her sudden deep sleep. Features:* Raise your very own dragon: Embrace your nurturing instincts and raise your own dragon! Through wise decisions, proper nutrition, and empathetic nurturing show the world the true potential of your dragon companion!* Create culinary masterpieces and run a successful cafe: Learn new recipes and master the art of cooking while running your cafe.

Explore the world, discover new ingredients, and expand your menu (and your restaurant!) while catering to the whims of your customers. * Farm the land and harvest nature's bounty: The best dishes use the freshest ingredients, and the best way to ensure that is to grow your own produce. Till the land and fish the rivers, and gather the most flavourful fixings for your signature dishes.

* Serve the townsfolk, make them happy: Not only cook for the people in your town, but also help them with their problems to increase your popularity and the general happiness of everyone around you.

Little Dragons Cafe is also available on PC & Nintendo Switch.


11 Reviews
Users Score
6/10 Sep 11, 2018
5/10 Mar 26, 2019
3/10 Dec 20, 2018
0/10 Aug 24, 2018

Little Dragons Cafe Reviews & Ratings

Aug 23, 2018

Little Dragon’s Café is a unique and utterly delightful adventure. There is no better way to unwind then adventuring with a dragon, while helping people solve their life problems, and indulging in a little bit of cooking.

Aug 27, 2018

The game looks pretty yet cheap in places, but the simple presentation is easy to digest, especially with the sometimes-deeper concepts addressed in the story. I may not be the right audience for this, but as I watch my daughter delight in playing, it is easy to take a page from the story and appreciate the title for what it is instead of what it is not. Despite all of its issues, it is oddly delightful to spend a day playing in the old LDC helping friends, cooking new recipes, or exploring with a dragon!

Oct 15, 2018

Little Dragons Cafe is a game targeted at a younger audience, and we think it succeeds in delivering a good experience for them. More experienced players won't find them that enjoyable, but we think it's entertaining anyway.

Sep 19, 2018

Little Dragons Café can be fiddly and repetitive, but it's not all together awful. A host of interesting, well-rounded characters provide an engaging story as you raise the world's cutest dragon. It might not be the most taxing game, but it provides a cathartic experience with its simplistic approach to café management.

Sep 24, 2018

Despite the piles of issues and annoyances, Little Dragons Café isn’t an unpleasant game. The overall art direction, character design, and music all present a storybook charm that pulls you in early and keeps it enjoyable in the midst of the grind. More than anything, the simple gameplay just gets stretched thin over the 40 hour story. While we don’t often focus on cost, the full $60 price tag also seems particularly difficult to justify. With a stronger investment and more developed gameplay, a sequel may still have potential, but as it is, Little Dragons Café could have used a bit more time in the oven.

Aug 23, 2018

Little Dragons Cafe is a charming game that has all the ingredients to be an ideal game to play when you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed, but it doesn’t manage to be fun enough to make you want to commit to it. It would benefit from a pace that isn’t abysmally slow and having more activities to partake in. Even with my adorable dragon child following me around and the game’s visual charms, the overall experience lacks the substance to make me want to stay much longer than the customers who visited my cafe.

Aug 23, 2018

Little Dragons Café’s adorable premise of owning a pet dragon can only distract from the slow pacing and repetitive gameplay for so long.

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Little Dragons Cafe News

  • November 2, 2018

    Little Dragons Café confirms its release on PC. Read more

    Little Dragons Café confirms its release on PC


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