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Little Dragons Cafe Description

Attention: This version of Little Dragons Cafe is for Nintendo Switch and may be available in several versions. Little Dragons Cafe is a strange game that combines very different genres. On the one hand we have the genre of business management and administration, since in Little Dragons Cafe we will have to manage a small cafeteria and serve our customers.

It also has RPG elements and exploration, as we must explore a world with wildlife, secrets and dangers, all to get the recipes and ingredients for the most succulent dishes for our business. And it also has Dragons, as our goal will be to wake up and raise a dragon while we take care of our small cafeteria. History tells us how suddenly our mother, who until now had taken over the small family cafeteria, does not wake up one day.

We and our sister decide to momentarily take over the cafeteria until one day, a strange old man appears and tells us that we must save a dragon for our mother to wake up.

Little Dragons Cafe is also available on PC & PS4


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