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May 18, 2017
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An FPS horror game set in a surreal, dark and deadly biomechanical world never seen before. One does not get to set the rules in the world of Inner Chains. Humankind is just a small part of a hostile universe.

Want to survive? Discover its secrets. A planet in the distant future. A rock floating in space that is no longer what it had once been.

Without human interference, nature has been adapting to the new conditions, reclaiming what was once taken away. In its pursuit of perfection, it began to assimilate with the abandoned technology giving life to biomechanical beings. Left to its own devices, man-made technology has also changed as it tried to adjust to the new environment.

A strong symbiosis soon developed between technology and nature. It became difficult to determine what is alive and what is mechanical in the world of Inner Chains. After several million years of biomechanical evolution, mankind once again became an important part of the ecosystem.

However, it hasn’t regained an advanced stage of development. As a result, the human race, oblivious to its own history, cannot fully comprehend or control the powerful technology at its disposal. The people living in the world of Inner Chains take this situation for granted and focus on using the planet’s resources to their advantage.

There is also something that has not changed through the millennia: humans are still subject to basic social issues such as faith, dominance, oppression and manipulation. This led to the emergence of multiple castes, and, in consequence, to the supremacy of one particular group. They had discovered these mechanisms first, learned how to use them well that helped them rise to power.

Others had to submit. As one of the inhabitants of this world, your head is filled with the teachings of the Ruling Caste. Your only goal is to get to a mythical place called the Last Hope and leave this degenerated, dying planet once and for all.

You embark on your journey full of fanatical zeal, but soon it becomes clear that nothing is what it seems in this strange world. You have to fight for survival, face hostile fauna and flora, and overcome your own weaknesses. You need to stay observant to your surroundings and explore the secrets of the game’s world.

Your survival depends entirely on your watchfulness, logical judgment, quick reflexes, accuracy and the ability to use the environment to your advantage.



9 Reviews
Users Score
8/10May 20, 2017
7/10Jun 28, 2017
2/10Feb 26, 2018

Reviews & Ratings

Review by COGconnected
May 29, 2017

Rather than feeling any sort of tension, I was mostly bored.

Review by Meristation
May 24, 2017

Inner Chains has been a big opportunity wasted. It's true that it's a relatively small indie studio, that it's a project with a very specific vision and that has really new features that are also great, but the final result has more the look of an unfinished beta than a totally finished game.

Review by
May 25, 2017

Inner Chains is scary but not due to its atmosphere. Underneath a beautiful, haunting world hides a boring, simple shooter. Everything looks good at first glance but the devil is in the details. And the details are frustrating and full of bugs. The entire game looks and feels like an unfinished tech-demo.

Review by
May 23, 2017

Inner Chains is a title that you would expect to find in Early Access, given the many issues that affect it.

Review by CD-Action
Jul 20, 2017

With its fantastic art direction Inner Chains could have been a great walker. Unfortunately what the developers decided to make is a lame, uninspired, awfully boring first-person shooter that has absolutely nothing to offer in terms of gameplay. [08/2017, p.72]

Review by Vandal
May 28, 2017

The art design is amazing, but that's pretty much all that it is. Performance and gameplay issues prevent this game from being something much better.

Review by PC PowerPlay
Jun 30, 2017

Inner Chains looks good, but beneath the veneer is a mess of bad mechanics and disappointing design. [Issue#263, p.69]


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