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21st Apr. 2021
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World-Splitter” is a 2D² puzzle platformer challenging you with multidimensional puzzles.

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4 Reviews

World Splitter Reviews & Ratings

May 14, 2021

World Splitter has a killer core mechanic. The dimensional rift introduces a wide array of possibilities even in a relatively simple level. I spend a lot of time moving it around, seeing how it affects enemies and the environment, trying to see the best way it can help me get from left to right. The game also knows when and how to introduce new elements and twists to keep the gameplay fresh through the six big worlds. The problem is that discovery and experimentation are directly linked to failure and frustration. My rabbit dies repeatedly and sometimes I don’t exactly understand why, so I kill him some more to test out theories. After some time I understand what and how to do and finish a level with a decent result (the targets the game sets are for much better players). I only wished the development team offered more ways to cut down frustration to make more gamers enjoy World Splitter for longer periods.

May 3, 2021

World splitter feels like the developers had a vision and managed to nail it. A punchy and challenging puzzle game with a unique mechanic that feels intuitive and simple but adds a great amount of complexity. The couch co-op and numerous levels will keep this interesting for a good long time. For anyone who is a sucker for a challenge or just an avid indie game payer, this game will be perfect.

Jun 4, 2021

A beautiful and unique puzzle game that will really require you to use your brain and think. This game is a must-play even to just experience manipulating two different dimensions to get your alien to the goal.

Apr 21, 2021

Imaginative mechanics and puzzle design at war with finicky, picky gameplay mechanics. Add in a borderline useless player character and you've got the recipe for a good puzzle game damaged by various annoyances.

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