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28th Nov. 2016
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Watch Dogs 2 Gold Edition Informations

Watch Dogs 2 Gold Edition is the ultimate pack to enjoy the new gaming experience that will offer the second episode of Watch Dogs, where our hacker will face a computer program capable of controlling all people, and his main weapon will be his intellect and his mobile phone, with which he can hack into any system or object that is connected to the network. This edition includes: The original game Watch Dogs 2 in digital format, the Deluxe Pack, which are 2 skins that change the appearance of your character and your car, and the Season Pass, which includes all the DLC, expansions or bonus missions that released over time. The final edition to enjoy of this new action title GTA style.

Watch Dogs 2 Gold Edition is also available on XBox One & PS4.

Original Game


14 Reviews
Users Score
10/10 Nov 29, 2016
10/10 Jan 29, 2021
9/10 Mar 14, 2017
8/10 Nov 16, 2019
7/10 Jun 23, 2020
5/10 Jan 30, 2018
0/10 Nov 16, 2020

Watch Dogs 2 Gold Edition Reviews & Ratings

Dec 28, 2016

Watch Dogs 2 looks absolutely gorgeous on PC. The game offers a rich sandbox, with plenty of fun missions, things to do and places to see.

Jan 1, 2017

Over the top hacking action combined with open world exploration, but with a social conscience and a very welcome sense of humor. [Issue#258, p.60]

Apr 3, 2017

Unlike the first game where multiplayer was kind of a mess, the sequel offers a pretty solid multiplayer experience. Playing Watch Dogs 2 co-op is definitely a blast, especially if you're experiencing the game with a friend.

Nov 30, 2016

Ubisoft once again fails to tell an engaging story, instead mixing a somewhat confused, even boring plot with bland characters. While Watch Dogs 2 is near-perfect PC port with lots of PC-specific options both for graphics as well as controls, the underlying game wastes a lot of potential. The beautiful rendition of San Francisco is a great background for some neat hacking tricks and fun missions, yet, aside from the shift in tone, Watch Dogs 2 isn’t the anticipated step forward for the series.

Dec 12, 2016

Watch_Dogs 2 is definitely a good game, especially compared to the first one which was a dull game. It’s got a lot of personality, especially in terms of the cast of characters, and humour is always welcome in open world titles. The missions may generally boil down to “go somewhere, sneak past/shoot guards, hack something, get out” but they cover fun subjects and are never less than entertaining. Nevertheless the online side is aggravating as all hell, the controls aren’t quite receptive enough particularly when driving or shooting, and being able to kill loads of people doesn’t really jive with the DedSec ethos.

Dec 24, 2016

Ubisoft Montreal almost made a GTA of their own. On the second try. For those who think that "funny" public group in social networks are actually funny. If you do not subscribe to the idea that you have to entertain yourself rather than be entertained in a video game, better stay in Los Santos.

Dec 12, 2016

For the second time the unfulfilled potential of an unconventional material. The very idea is grasped greatly, but that's all and the game itself is very sad story – again. [Issue #269]

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Watch Dogs 2 News

  • March 29, 2017

    Ubisoft changes its mind with the Watch Dogs 2 DLC & includes more free content. Read more

    Ubisoft changes its mind with the Watch Dogs 2 DLC & includes more free content


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