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May 20, 2018
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The Mercury Man is a game that mixes action and adventure, and transports us to a dark world in the distant future. The game takes us back to the year 2310, the year in which a miraculous cure is discovered that can cure any disease by simply changing the body's blood for mercury. At first, only the wealthiest people could afford this operation, but little by little, clandestine clinics began to emerge offering blood replacement services for little money.

 They soon discovered that normal people were sick from being near those who had been treated with this technology and laws were passed to ban mercury treatment. A special military corps of hunters was created, who searched for and eliminated the people with mercury. But the politicians and the rich continued to give transfusions.

In the end, all this led to civil unrest. Our character is one of these hunters whose mission is to stop all those who have undergone the mercury transfusion operation.


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