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1st Aug. 2017
Intel 4xxx Series w/ 512MB VRAM
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Imagine the lights go out, never to return. Bright aurora flare across the sky, and all humanity’s technological might is laid to waste, neutralized in a kind of quiet apocalypse. Everything that has shielded humanity from the disinterested power of Mother Nature is suddenly wrenched from us, dropping us a few links down the food chain.

Food and water are scarce. The roads are no longer safe. And winter approaches… Features immersive first-person exploration gameplay featuring an original art style.

Take on the role of bush pilot Will Mackenzie, and navigate the savage beauty of the Northern Wilderness while you face the hazards of the new “post-digital” frontier. In addition to playing Mackenzie in Survival Story mode, experience potentially hundreds of hours of free-form Survival Sandbox gameplay. Push yourself and your skill to last as long as possible in a variety of survival scenarios.


14 Reviews
Users Score
10/10 Sep 23, 2014
10/10 Jun 29, 2020
9/10 May 2, 2018
1/10 Mar 2, 2020
0/10 Jun 3, 2020
0/10 Mar 3, 2020
0/10 Mar 3, 2020

The Long Dark Reviews & Ratings

Sep 29, 2017

An essential survival game keeps the perfect balance between playability and realism, which drags you in and won’t let you out. The game’s cold atmosphere couldn’t ruin even a few little mistakes and a slightly weaker story. [Issue#278]

Aug 4, 2017

Deep, brutal, and hauntingly atmospheric, The Long Dark is a survival game done right.

Aug 4, 2017

The Long Dark‘s long-in-the-making story mode was worth the wait. And with an eventual total of five episodes each looking to last between seven and ten hours, it looks like it may well prove a truly epic survival experience.

Aug 17, 2017

The art and the well-thought-through presentation make The Long Dark an excellent survival genre. The cold, the hunger and the danger of the Canadian countryside leave a big impression. It is too bad the story is not as well made.

Sep 6, 2017

With its stellar survival mechanics, The Long Dark makes for a brutal experience that requires patience and micromanaging to fully appreciate. However, it’s brought down by some bugs and a story mode that leaves much to be desired. It’s nonetheless a satisfying test of survival in a gorgeous setting – as long as you can brave the frigid cold.

Aug 6, 2017

The Long Dark: Wintermute is a great survival, but the campaign does not convince.

Aug 16, 2017

It's important to remember that The Long Dark is just waking up from early access. It's cold, hungry, and huddled somewhere under a rock face, but it's just gotten the fire started. Another three story episodes are still due, so there is time to turn things around for Will and Astrid. However, because the best parts of The Long Dark are already alive and well in survival mode, perhaps Wintermute's weak beginning is reason enough to stick to what's worked for the game all along, blemishes and all.

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The Long Dark News

  • November 9, 2018

    Hinterland delays The Long Dark Episode Three to 2019. Read more

    Hinterland delays The Long Dark Episode Three to 2019


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