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14th May. 2021
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Subnautica: Below Zero Informations

Dive into a freezing underwater adventure on an alien planet. Set one year after the original Subnautica, Below Zero challenges you to survive a disaster at an alien research station on Planet 4546B. Craft tools, scavenge for supplies, and unravel the next chapter in the Subnautica story.

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14 Reviews
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10/10 Jan 30, 2019
10/10 Jun 1, 2021
9/10 May 23, 2021
6/10 May 17, 2021
5/10 Jun 23, 2021
2/10 May 22, 2021
0/10 Jul 26, 2021

Subnautica: Below Zero Reviews & Ratings

Jul 23, 2021

The world of Below Zero is much smaller than its predecessor’s, but it is still an absolutely brilliant survival game that tells an interesting story set in a fascinating environment. Additionally, it is more friendly towards less experienced players, and managed to get rid of some technical issues that affected the original Subnautica. [08/2021, p.78]

May 11, 2021

Mix the feeling of weakness of the movie Open Water with a compelling story, a world to explore in metroidvania style kind of like in Don't Starve, add the maniacal detail of In Other Waters, shake and there we have Subnautica: Below Zero, an intriguing sci-fi survival with just a bit of horror. While at first it might seem a little limited in scope, with a bit of patience you will soon realize how great of a game it is.

May 24, 2021

Subnautica: Below Zero cannot match the original game in terms of scale; therefore it is a standalone expansion instead of a full-fledged sequel. Despite this, it offers a more immersive and streamlined experience through a more emphatic story, great voice acting and plenty of quality of life additions. The three bucks that Below Zero costs are more than worth the at least twenty hours of exploration fun.

May 21, 2021

If you liked the first one, you will love Subnautica: Below Zero. It improves everything previously played and adds necessary novelties to this sequel. Everyone who loves underwater world and survival genre will be delighted with this video game.

May 11, 2021

Subnautica Below Zero does not seem to want to walk in other steps than that of its big brother. By reducing the map or vehicles, Below Zero is more to be seen as a very good expansion of the original game, more scripted version and a little more hostile than the first episode. If Below Zero undoubtedly does better than the competition when it comes to making a scripted survival game, with a universe as enchanting as it is frightening hand-crafted, it would undoubtedly have gained more from the experience of 'origin to fully conquer the veterans of the franchise, who, despite everything, will take undeniable pleasure to go diving again, just like the newcomers, who will have the chance to discover for the first time this atypical and oh so immersive way of approaching the game of survival.

May 11, 2021

If you liked Subnautica, Subnautica: Below Zero still has the base of what made the original great - the charm, the wonder, the building and even some of the exploration - but this has been tempered somewhat. The story-focused approach here is interesting, even compelling at parts, but the game doesn't do enough to keep you on track or from getting lost in the many enclosed caves, caverns and tunnels running throughout. Also, like the original, this does have its fair share of bugs and issues. Still, no matter the issues, it is still a genuinely good game. While it may not be as good as the original, it's still up there as one of the better survival games around.

May 12, 2021

Subnautica: Below Zero feels like more of Subnautica, and that is only a good thing to a certain extent. Where it falls short by copying its predecessor is in the story and thematic department, making it feel like an uneventful and unimportant step in the series.

Subnautica: Below Zero News

  • January 28, 2019

    Subnautica: Below Zero dives into Early Access on January 30. Read more

    Subnautica: Below Zero dives into Early Access on January 30


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