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3rd Dec. 2020
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In Phogs! you play as a two headed dog called Red and Blue. Set off on a puzzle-filled adventure solo or with a friend in cooperative mode.


9 Reviews
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8/10 Dec 12, 2020
8/10 Dec 25, 2020

Phogs Reviews & Ratings

Dec 3, 2020

PHOGS! is a great two-player co-op puzzle game with just enough floppiness to make executing the solutions challenging. Never frustrating but always satisfying, PHOGS! is a solid choice for kids or adults. Gorgeous storybook art and fantastic music keep PHOGS! warm and fun, and a simple control design makes the game accessible to a wide range of audiences. Clever, charming, and fun.

Dec 2, 2020

After playing PHOGS!, I actually found myself in a better mood, the cheerful and delightful nature of dogs encapsulated in this gorgeous game an uplifting experience. It was the cozy, cute platform puzzler I was expecting and then some, surprising me towards the end with how it handled gameplay progression. If you even think for a split second that PHOGS! might be your bag of treats, don’t deprive yourself — I double dog dare you to pick up PHOGS! today and take these goodest doggos for walkies.

Dec 2, 2020

With its weaponized cuteness and deceptively deep physics platforming shenanigans, PHOGS! succeeds grandly as a hugely entertaining effort which truly shines when played with a local friend. PHOGS! is absolutely one physics puzzler that you should take for walkies.

Dec 2, 2020

PHOGS! is a fantastic puzzle-platformer for all ages, combining well-designed mechanics with a bright, enchanting aesthetic. Playable alone or with a friend locally or online, there are plenty of levels to keep you busy, and plenty of collectables to seek out and invest your hard-earned bones in. Though at times the lack of camera controls and collision glitches can lead to some unfortunate demises, the experience is one well worth investing in and is not to be missed.

Dec 15, 2020

With the cheerful overtones of a colourful world and characters, PHOGS! Is as sweet as a game about a stretchy two headed dog can be. The surreal concept provides plenty of chances for a mild and accessible challenge, enjoyable in both single and cooperative play. This is a great option if you are looking for a game with little stakes or something to play with a younger sibling.

Jan 26, 2021

Anyone who’s after a colorful and quirky puzzle-platformer that just oozes personality, charm and cuteness will probably have a blast with Phogs!, and if there are kids around, then it’s absolutely recommended. Those who give it a shot will find inventive puzzles and charm galore — it’s an exquisite canine treat for humans to enjoy!

Dec 7, 2020

PHOGS! is never dishonest about what it is. It wears its light-hearted silliness on its sleeve, with its winning aesthetics, childish aura, and bonny, bouncy soundtrack. However, what it is just wasn’t for us.

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