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August 9, 2018
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Monster Hunter: World Deluxe Edition Description

The legendary and successful Monster Hunter: World is coming to PC on August 9th and here is the Deluxe version of this great RPG. In addition to the base game, in digital version and downloadable from Steam, this deluxe version of Monster Hunter: World brings a huge amount of bonus that we can start enjoying from the beginning of our adventure in this incredible world full of monsters. In addition to the original game this edition includes: Samurai Set: It is the samurai armor skins, it does not grant any benefit, equip this samurai set on your favorite armor to gain the appearance of a feudal Japanese samurai warrior.

It should be noted that it is simply a change of appearance of the armor and does not include any weapons. 3 funny gestures that can be used when interacting with other players: Gesto meditate Gesto shuriken and Gesto sumo empujonesA pack of stickers that we can use to talk to other players through chat: MH All-stars sticker set and Don Filetón sticker set. A wyvern face painting for the customization of our characters in Monster Hunter: World.

New hairstyles for the personalization of our hero, like the bow hairstyle.

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11 Reviews
Users Score
10/10Aug 9, 2018
10/10Dec 12, 2018
9/10Aug 30, 2018
5/10Aug 9, 2018
2/10Aug 12, 2018
0/10Dec 4, 2018
0/10Aug 10, 2018

Reviews & Ratings

Review by GameWatcher
Aug 8, 2018

Capcom perfected the combat formula over countless releases, but it wasn’t until Monster Hunter: World that they stripped away what ultimately was never much fun to begin with. You spend less time spent preparing, and more time actually fighting. And sales figures suggest, as we all expected, that Capcom really had something special sitting under all that bloat.

Review by CGMagazine
Aug 14, 2018

Monster Hunter World is one of the best games of the year, and it shines brightly on the PC.

Review by DarkStation
Aug 20, 2018

An amazing confluence of level and monster design, combat and gameplay systems, Monster Hunter: World is undoubtedly best Monster Hunter game. After spending well over a hundred hours outside the campaign, I think my original review score was actually a little low. As a game, Monster Hunter: World is still incredible, but the PC release can only be considered definitive for a relatively small number of power users with top-shelf GPUs and zippy processors. While everyone with a recent PC and decent graphics card can make the game work, for many players the best experience may still be on console.

Review by Gaming Nexus
Aug 27, 2018

When it comes to Monster Hunter, the level of depth in the game leaves a lot to talk about, and I don’t think it’s possible to capture everything in this review. I personally think this entry in the series is a fantastic addition, both for returning fans and new players like myself. The game is a tremendous amount of fun, balancing challenge and reward perfectly in a way that made me want to keep on hunting for hours on end. The PC port itself has some technical issues which detract from the overall experience, but the quality of the game underneath more than makes up for it.

Review by Game Debate
Sep 4, 2018

Arriving eight months late on PC, everything that can be said about Monster Hunter World already has done. Rest assured though, the wait was indeed worth it. Anyone looking for a deep action game they can potentially invest hundreds of hours into need look no further. This is Monster Hunter, back and better than it's ever been before.

Review by Cubed3
Sep 17, 2018

Monster Hunter: World still has all the complexity expected from this series, but it dishes it out in much more palatable chunks than usual. It's still got a frightening amount of depth, but it feels manageable in a way that few in the series have pulled off before. Players may still feel a little lost from time to time, but a little guidance from series vets or other friends can drastically reduce the growing pains new players will likely experience. On top of all that, this is one of the best-feeling titles the series has had to date; so saddle up with some friends, and explore all the New World has to offer.

Review by
Aug 22, 2018

It's not the worst console port I have seen, but it surely isn't the best one. The only real flaw of the PC version of Monster Hunter World is the buggy multiplayer mode. Everything else works just fine and deserves some attention - after all, this is one of the most captivating adventures in the virtual world ever.


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