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31st Oct. 2016
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Play as Agent 47 to take out powerful high-profile targets in an intense spy-thriller story across a world of assassination. Released in a day one edition SteelBook®, Hitman: The Complete First Season will deliver the ultimate physical version of the game, with over 100 hours of gameplay. Featuring all of the Season One locations and episodes from the Prologue, France and Italy to Morocco, Thailand, USA and Japan.

Included with Hitman XBOX ONE: The Complete First Season box is bonus downloadable content: 3 Bonus Missions Pack which includes The Icon and A House Built on Sand missions, plus the brand new upcoming Landslide mission. Original Soundtrack featuring the original game score The ‘making of’ HITMAN documentary charting the journey from showing the game to our fans for the first time before E3 2015, through to the digital launch in 2016 HITMAN Requiem Blood Money Pack which includes the signature Blood Money white suit, white rubber duck and chrome ICA pistol HITMAN: The Complete First Season features all of the locations, challenges, opportunities, Escalation Contracts created by the studio and Contracts created by the community. And it will give access to all upcoming Elusive Target live game events taking place after January 31st.

Hitman is also available on PS4 & PC.

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Buy HITMAN The Complete First Season XBOX ONE CD Key

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13 Reviews
Users Score
10/10 Jun 21, 2018
9/10 Jun 21, 2019
9/10 Dec 29, 2016
8/10 Mar 20, 2018
7/10 Jul 18, 2017
7/10 Sep 2, 2018
0/10 Aug 22, 2018

Hitman Reviews & Ratings

Nov 6, 2016

Hitman is arguably a pinnacle for the series, possibly even eclipsing Blood Money as Agent 47's finest moment. Each episode is a sandbox that you don't simply play and then forget. You'll want to master it and discover all of its hidden secrets and nuances. And therein lies Hitman's innate brilliance. It's deep, expansive and open-ended enough that you'll never want to stop playing. Hitman is quite simply magnificent.

Nov 7, 2016

Introducing a new depth of variety and replayability to its sandboxes, Hitman's experiences are now more enjoyable and fulfilling than ever before. Although this can lead to a short experience for some, the content on offer is some of the highest quality since the game's conception.

Jan 1, 2017

Consistently brilliant - the best Hitman game, and one of the best games of the year. [Jan 2017, p.84]

Nov 23, 2016

Delayed gratification from the episodic release schedule or not, this 2016 take on Hitman is a brilliant game. Expansive level design and nearly unlimited replay value courtesy of so many routes to your assassinations (and so many methods with which to carry them out) make the experience almost completely different each and every time you play. Yes, Agent 47 took his time getting here, but it was time well spent.

Feb 15, 2017

This is thinking man’s stealth at its best.

Jan 22, 2017

The story is great but it’s not as rich as other games.

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    Hitman 2 has gone gold! Read more

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    Hitman 2 will include a remastered version of the previous game in the saga. Watch video

    Hitman 2 will include a remastered version of the previous game in the saga
  • June 8, 2018

    IO Interactive and WB Games announce Hitman 2. Watch video

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