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This is the physical PC version of the long awaited Grand Theft Auto 5, which initially came out for PS3 and Xbox 360 a year ago and managed to raise more than 800 million in its first days of life. It is one of the most successful launches in the market, produced by Rockstar, and heir of all the freedom of action and movement that we have in the previous episodes. GTA V is the fifth episode in the Grand Theft Auto franchise, and our adventure begins in the city of Los Santos, a city controlled by gangs and mafias, and where we can follow the story plot or go to our air enjoying the great freedom of movement typical of the series.

In GTA V, we will be Chico Vialpando, and our mission we will be to protect our cousin, Leo Johnson, which is mixed with the dangerous people of Los Santos. Like the versions for next-generation consoles, the PC version will enjoy a higher level graphic versions for PS3 and Xbox 360.


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