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ANNO 1800 – Lead the Industrial Revolution! Welcome to the dawn of the Industrial Age. The path you choose will define your world. Are you an innovator or an exploiter? A conqueror or a liberator? How the world remembers your name is up to you.

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14 Reviews
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10/10 Apr 17, 2019
10/10 Apr 16, 2019
10/10 Apr 16, 2019
9/10 Apr 16, 2019
8/10 Apr 17, 2019
8/10 Apr 18, 2019
0/10 Apr 18, 2019

ANNO 1800 Reviews & Ratings

Apr 18, 2019

Anno 1800 is going back to the roots of the series but also manages to introduce exciting new features to the proven formula. The result is a building game that captivates for endless hours and challenges the player more and more with every new unlocked production cycle.

Apr 15, 2019

Anno 1800 might be the best 4X game since Civ 6 and definitely has brought back the series' glory.

Apr 19, 2019

Anno 1800 is the best entry in the series to the date. A game that can be huge and complex while not overwhelming to the player. A true love letter to the genre that every fan of city-builders and strategy games should play.

Apr 15, 2019

Anno 1800 is a great example of mixing tycoon, diplomatic and warfare gameplay systems. It offers a simple and deep gameplay at the same time.

Apr 19, 2019

Anno 1800 may be about the industrial revolution, but its design is quite conservative. A boon for the fans of the series, who will find themselves at home with this new iteration of the economic simulator they know and love.

Apr 17, 2019

Anno 1800 can become confusing and complicated over time, what with the in-depth nature of this civilization sandbox franchise. But those willing to step up to the challenge are rewarded with a gorgeous and comprehensive game, built on micro-management and period-set obstacles and factors that nudge you along in your mission to build the next great island metropolis. For what gaming experience it represents, the franchise looks and feels great.

Apr 15, 2019

A vibrant snapshot of the Victorian era that’s bustling with character, but doesn’t explore the intriguing, seismic politics of the period.

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ANNO 1800 News

  • August 21, 2018

    Anno 1800 announces the release date: February 26th, 2019. Watch video

    Anno 1800 announces the release date: February 26th, 2019


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