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November 28, 2016
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Watch Dogs 2 Details

Watch Dogs 2 is a sequel to Ubisoft's first open-world hacker-vigilante simulator Watch Dogs. The player becomes Marcus Holloway, a young man living in the sunny San Francisco, allied with DedSec to take down ctOS 2. 0, the successor of the invasive operating system known from the previous game.

As a third person shooter, Watch Dogs 2 offers a variety of options for both non-lethal and lethal resolutions of challenges offered to the players. New city Watch Dogs 2 takes place in San Francisco, a sunny city bursting with life. The iconic locations of San Francisco look authentic and easily recognizable to everyone familiar with the city.

Authenticity extends to recreated neighborhoods, all of which have their atmosphere faithfully captured. Apart from the city itself, the action will take you to a more rural Marin County, the Stanford campus in Silicon Valley, the technological paradise of Nudle, Oakland, and even to Alcatraz. The locations are bursting with life, from tourists, to street performers, to street vendors.

Every NPC has procedurally generated flavor information to make them appear even closer to life. Improved hacking gameplay Watch Dogs 2 improves on the hacking systems known from the previous episode. Thanks to ctOS 2.

0 installed in Chicago Marcus has more toys to play with than Aidan ever had. Even simply scanning other people on the streets gives a number of new options. Paint them as a criminal or a gang member for police or rival gang intervention, steal their money, or just recharge you phone.

The available options are now easier to access, with more intuitive controls despite more complex functions. Some of the most potent options at Marcus' disposal are: the ability to hack into any car to control it to a limited degree, and transforming junction boxes into proximity mines at his leisure. New hero Replacing Aiden Pearce as the game's protagonist comes Marcus Holloway, a young man wrongly painted as a criminal by ctOS 2.

He decides to join DedSec in their efforts to take this system down for its invasiveness and threat to common citizens. His energy and positive attitude making a more approachable and enjoyable protagonist, suitable to the sunny San Francisco. He has three distinct playstyles supported by his equipment choices: Aggressor, Stealth, and hacking-focused Trickster.

Creative chaos The variety and number of tools at your disposal serve to make Watch Dogs 2 gameplay as welcoming to creatively induced chaos as possible. Traffic accidents, police interventions, gang activities and complete control over electrical systems. All of this makes Marcus a creator of chaos serving the right cause.

The Trickster branch of gadgets and options focuses on causing widespread and focused distractions while keeping Marcus away from trouble, controlling the growing chaos like a puppeteer.

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Reviews & Critics

Apr 3, 2017

Unlike the first game where multiplayer was kind of a mess, the sequel offers a pretty solid multiplayer experience. Playing Watch Dogs 2 co-op is definitely a blast, especially if you're experiencing the game with a friend.

Mar 14, 2017

Watch Dogs 2 has a super great story to offer with the added humor of the game that makes it enjoyable. You don’t even have to do a mission in order to enjoy the game – just roaming around the great city of San Francisco or stalk other people is enough to enjoy the game, it’s like your playground.

Jan 7, 2017

Watch Dogs 2 has improved very well ! Watch dogs 1 was not really what i waited for, but watch dogs 2 was very complete, with a beautifull map and amazing graphics. The hacking could have been better and more usefull in free roaming, but this game still amazing !

Jan 1, 2017

Over the top hacking action combined with open world exploration, but with a social conscience and a very welcome sense of humor. [Issue#258, p.60]

Dec 28, 2016

Watch Dogs 2 looks absolutely gorgeous on PC. The game offers a rich sandbox, with plenty of fun missions, things to do and places to see.

Dec 26, 2016

I was really sceptic before release about this game. After really average first Watch Dogs, I thought that going so "casual" into whole "hacking" thing will only make it worse, but I was wrong, really wrong.

If you approach this game with distance and open arms for it's parody of "group of hackers" theme and won't take it seriously, you will have lots of fun.

The best things in my opinion are references to pop culture, games and movies, and every crew member that seem like cool geek and not some grey guy with depression like in first Watch Dogs.

The technical side of the game is also pretty good, as far as I am concerned I have not encountered any bugs (except not working multiplayer that was a major problem shortly after release of the game).

It may not be a competition for GTA series, but it's definitely worth checking out.

Dec 24, 2016

Ubisoft Montreal almost made a GTA of their own. On the second try. For those who think that "funny" public group in social networks are actually funny. If you do not subscribe to the idea that you have to entertain yourself rather than be entertained in a video game, better stay in Los Santos.

Dec 17, 2016

Ubisoft clearly knows when to change something...but i don't like this trend of making sandbox games that are all so similar, with lot's of things to do and get bored of. Misions are created to give you the option to do it stealth mode or just killing everyone, but either one is going to get you the same results, and when you do that, the game turns unplayble in terms of following the plot.

You get praised for completing a mission killing civilians that has nothing to do with the mission just as if you do it without touching anyone, and the group was supposed to be some teenage hackers trying to change things on the city.... it just doesn't make sense for me.

If you are going to keep it that way and give the two options at least, i think this is a step forward from the original, but I'm not sure if it turns the game better than the prequel or not.

Dec 12, 2016

Watch_Dogs 2 is definitely a good game, especially compared to the first one which was a dull game. It’s got a lot of personality, especially in terms of the cast of characters, and humour is always welcome in open world titles. The missions may generally boil down to “go somewhere, sneak past/shoot guards, hack something, get out” but they cover fun subjects and are never less than entertaining. Nevertheless the online side is aggravating as all hell, the controls aren’t quite receptive enough particularly when driving or shooting, and being able to kill loads of people doesn’t really jive with the DedSec ethos.

LEVEL (Czech Republic)
Dec 12, 2016

For the second time the unfulfilled potential of an unconventional material. The very idea is grasped greatly, but that's all and the game itself is very sad story – again. [Issue #269]

Dec 3, 2016

This is my first review here. I created an account just to say that WD2 is an outstanding game. I don't remember the last time I were so excited about an Ubisoft game. It's a really good and well written game (, and surprisingly polished too). The PC port is nigh perfect, maybe only the AA is a little underwhelming. Compared to some really poor PC ports like Deus EX: MD WD2 looks like something from another planet. The city looks alive, the people and situations are over the top but believable. In short, WD2 is a great game and in my opinion it is well worth the full price. One of the best games from '16.

Nov 30, 2016

Ubisoft once again fails to tell an engaging story, instead mixing a somewhat confused, even boring plot with bland characters. While Watch Dogs 2 is near-perfect PC port with lots of PC-specific options both for graphics as well as controls, the underlying game wastes a lot of potential. The beautiful rendition of San Francisco is a great background for some neat hacking tricks and fun missions, yet, aside from the shift in tone, Watch Dogs 2 isn’t the anticipated step forward for the series.

Nov 29, 2016

Awesome game, PC version runs well to!! This is a vast improvement over the first game, the writing is much better, the online aspects are improved and the new gadgets and such are great to. Pick this up asap, this is the game Watch Dogs 1 should have been. Oh yeah and the game world is wonderful, makes me want to visit San Fran.

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