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17th Mar. 2015
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Battlefield Hardline Deluxe Edition Informations

The war in Battlefield Hardline will take place in urban environments, where thieves and police fighting in the city, unlike previous episodes of the saga. Battlefield Hardline have a single player mode, the campaign will focus on the revenge of our character, but his forte is the multiplayer mode, where you can hunt criminals based chases vehicles, and other game modes. We will have lots of weapons and items to choose from, and the use of these will be crucial to meet our objectives.

The deluxe edition of Battlefield Hardline for PS4, includes three Battlepacks Gold: Versatility BattlePack (BattlePack red) with an assault rifle, a camouflage for weapons and weapons module to accelerate the experience. The BattlePack Accuracy (blue BattlePack): With one of the most accurate assault rifles in the game, a single camouflage your weapons, and other accelerator experience. And BattlePack Suppression (BattlePack Orange): With an assault rifle with high capacity magazine, a camouflage for weapons, and another module experience.

Battlefield Hardline Deluxe Edition is also available on PC & XBox One.

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Buy Battlefield Hardline PS4 CD Key

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14 Reviews
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10/10 Mar 17, 2015
9/10 Mar 18, 2015
8/10 Mar 18, 2015
6/10 Nov 5, 2016
5/10 Mar 19, 2015
3/10 May 15, 2018
0/10 Apr 17, 2015

Battlefield Hardline Deluxe Edition Reviews & Ratings

Mar 16, 2015

While Hardline certainly isn’t your standard Battlefield experience, the changes and tweaks present here are welcome additions, breathing new life into the franchise that’ll entice both veteran and new players alike.

Mar 19, 2015

While Hardline isn’t the Battlefield you may be used to it offers a unique approach that will surely please fans of the genre. The campaign is a big step up from previous entries and while the multiplayer anarchy has been trimmed down, the gameplay in its place is more tactical and intimate.

May 6, 2015

An engaging narrative, beautiful visuals, varied gameplay, and top-notch multiplayer (that works well) all fit together to deliver one of the biggest and best experiences to be had this year thus far.

Mar 16, 2015

Hardline might not reinvent the wheel the series rolls on, but it certainly makes it spin a whole lot smoother. Speeded up gameplay, an opened-up single-player, and a robust suite of new multiplayer modes lends itself to the best Battlefield to date—though that’s not saying much, a decade later.

May 6, 2015

A passable and unspectacular campaign is unlikely to win any new fans, but Hardline's fresh take on Battlefield multiplayer makes it worth a shot. [Issue#256, p.68]

Mar 19, 2015

Multiplayer is, of course, the main reason that you buy into a Battlefield game, and it's generally enjoyable, even if it doesn't do anything to revolutionise the genre. However, both Activision and EA, and every other FPS developer that aspires to become the top dog franchise, needs to learn that if they are going to persist in putting single player narratives into their games, then they need to do a far better job.

Apr 3, 2015

We can see in its lack of substance a reflection of a disturbing social complacency when it comes to exploring complicated issues like police violence and systemic racism. We can also recognize what little faith it has in its players to wrestle with difficult concepts, to find something meaningful and troubling behind using a digital badge and police-issued firearm in equal measure to solve our crime problems.

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