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Attention: This product is the GOLD edition of the game Assassin Creed Origins for PS4, and includes certain bonuses that will help increase the gaming experience considerably.  The GOLD edition of the new Assassin Creed includes: The original game, in physical or digital format depending on where the product is purchased, the Deluxe Package, which includes various bonuses and extras such as missions, the Desert Cobra pack (includes 1 suit, 2 legendary weapons, 1 legendary shield and 1 mount) and 3 skill points. It also includes the Season Pass, which will allow us to access a huge amount of extras and DLCs, such as missions, new equipment,….

The different DLCs will be released over time. The Assassin Creed franchise returns to the load with very interesting novelties compared to previous deliveries. To begin with, all the action will be centred around the Egyptian civilization, with extensive lands to explore and explore, full of treasures, secrets and enemies.

It also changes the combat system, with new moves and skills never before seen in previous episodes. Rare equipment and weapons are also introduced into the outfit, so we will have weapons of different levels, some more powerful than others.


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