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Rainbow Six Siege is the next title in the most famous tactical FPS franchise. This edition Gold Edition includes the original game in digital version and the Season Pass, which will give us access to all the extra content, including DLC ​​and expansions. Rainbow Six Siege inspired by anti-terrorist police groups around the world and where we have to show off our tactical skills to overcome each of the situations we'll encounter.

Heavy fighting with hedges are one of the strengths of this title, in addition to team play and the planning of the attacks. Moreover, the entire scenario is destructible, which will give an added spectacle in the shootings. One of the most notable games modes is the multiplayer mode, which will put us in extreme situations against players from around the world, in scenarios with a variety of objectives.

For the first time in Rainbow Six, players will participate in sieges, a new style of assault. The enemies now have the means to transform their environments with all sorts of traps, strengthen positions and create defense systems to prevent us to fulfill our goals.

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