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Warframe Starter Pack is a perfect package for beginners in this action game, with touches of the RPG genre and set in a sci-fi universe. With this PS4 edition of the Warframe Starter Pack PS4 we will get:300 Platinum for use in new Warframes, Weapons, Equipment, and more resources.   Affinity enhancers to accelerate the collection of resources and to gain affinity with our weaponry.

The Hawk Mod pack contains 5 random mods to instantly update our arsenal. 1 Streamline Mod to increase the efficiency of skills and allow us to use skills more often. 1 Orokin Catalyst to supercharge our weapons and double the capacity of Mods that can carry weapons.

1 Orokin Reactor to overload your warframes and companions so we can double the modulation capacity allowing for more upgrades. 1 Pyra Syandana to add a decorative touch to your Warframe. 1 Nava Glyph to mark your favorite places during missions.

1 Nava Sigil to customize your Warframe. A lot of items that will be very useful to us to start off well in this adventure.

Warframe Starter Pack is also available on XBox One.


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October 2, 2018

Warframe unveils the map of its next expansion, Fortuna. Read more

Warframe unveils the map of its next expansion, Fortuna


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