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Victor Vran Fractured Worlds DLC is one of the first expansions or DLCs for the ARPG Victor Vran, in which we embark on a trip to the fractured worlds. It is a dimension formed from fragments of broken kingdoms, a very dangerous place plagued with all kinds of threats and enemies unknown to our hero, even the most experienced players will find great difficulty in exploring the new levels and Dungeons. This new DLC offers us the possibility to explore a total of four more dungeons, randomly generated and changing every day, so you never tire of touring them.

We will also have available a new type of dungeon, known as 'The Fracture' which has no end and with each level of depth will appear new challenges, increasingly complicated. New element, or Talismans, that influences both the visuals and the combat abilities of our hero. It has also increased the maximum level of the character to 60, new recipes to create powerful artifacts and an endless number of additions that will give this remarkable game countless hours.

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