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July 12, 2018

The Spiral Scouts Description

Join Remae, the newest member of The Spiral Scouts, on her slap-tastic puzzle solving adventure through a world of crazy characters and redonkulous realms. Experience a fartwarming tale of personal growth, self discovery, poop, wieners and butts.

Users + Critics
Users Score
10/10Jul 25, 2018
8/10Aug 6, 2018

Reviews & Ratings

Review by GameGrin
Oct 12, 2018

This silly-ass RPG is definitely one to try, especially if you like fart jokes, sarcasm, and general childishness. Fun and addictive.

Review by
Aug 19, 2018

What a good surprise is The Spiral Scouts. It’s short but entertaining, despite some flaws in how the difficulty scale is graduated. But if you’re searching for something to grind your gears, give it a try.

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The Spiral Scouts Trailer