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This product, Stationeers, is a PC game in digital version.  It should also be noted that this digital version of Stationeers PC is available in two formats: One known as Steam Gift and another known as Steam Key. The Steam Key format is a code that we will have to introduce in the section "Add games" of our "Games library".

In Stationeers we will have total control of a space station. We will be in charge of its construction and administration and we will be able to play it in solitary mode as well as in multiplayer mode. We will have to control all systems, whether atmospheric, electrical, manufacturing, medical, agricultural and gravitational systems.

Each of these sections of the station requires special attention and specific management so that the orbital station can operate normally. Complete physics in dynamic elements in the world, including atmospheric effects such as wall fatigue and explosive decompression. Various dangerous environments to explore and develop, including exotic planets and asteroid belts.

Completely deformable voxel terrain in worlds and asteroids that enhances mining and exploration. Construction of nodrizable ships to assist you in your exploration and resource collection efforts. And many other factors.

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Stationeers News

August 1, 2017

Stationeers, the next Dean Hall game (DayZ), enters Early Access in September.

Stationeers, the next Dean Hall game (DayZ), enters Early Access in September

April 3, 2017

Dean Hall (DayZ) reveals more details of its new game, Stationeers. Read more

Dean Hall (DayZ) reveals more details of its new game, Stationeers


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