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November 17, 2017
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Star Wars Battlefront 2 Description

Battle on land and in space in a vastly-expanded multiplayer experience with legendary heroes and villains, thrilling space combat, and a deep progression and customization system. Or live the untold Star Wars story of Iden, an elite special forces soldier, in an original story campaign.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is also available on PS4 & XBox One

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8 Reviews
Users Score
10/10Dec 5, 2017
4/10Nov 21, 2017
0/10Nov 22, 2017
0/10Jan 13, 2018
0/10Nov 17, 2017
0/10Nov 17, 2017
0/10Nov 18, 2017

Reviews & Ratings

Review by Vandal
Nov 13, 2017

Battlefront II is an excellent shooter thanks to its gameplay and a great amount of content. Yes, the loot boxes system may feel unfair, but it is an outstanding game overall.

Review by Merlin'in Kazanı (Turkey)
Nov 17, 2017

Star Wars: Battlefront II, is a great game but overshadowed by the in-game purchases. Let’s hope after the changes, game will get its deserved attention.

Review by GameStar
Nov 22, 2017

Behind the beautiful Star Wars façade lurk fundamental design flaws, making Battlefront 2 a shooter that just barely manages to be good.

Review by Game Over Online
Dec 11, 2017

Beyond the somewhat short, very linear, and probably not replayable single player campaign, most people coming to Battlefront 2 are going to be interested in the multiplayer. This has proven to be very difficult to review, because there have been so many game updates to multiplayer since the release that I feel like I’m trying to review a moving target, though the core of multiplayer has not changed all that much through the updates. Long story short, the multiplayer gaming is staggeringly unbalanced because of the way the whole game is structured, and I doubt even another dozen updates is going to change that.

Review by Quarter to Three
Nov 23, 2017

Oh, and my sweet Lord, this game does wonders in the space battles department. You’ll fly around Star Destroyers and through Death Star debris, zipping between laser blasts and missiles. Eventually, just as in Galactic Assault, in Starfighter Assault games, you’ll spawn in hero ships like the Millenium Falcon and Slave I. Or that one green ship that looks like a bathtub turned upside down. Is it Bossk’s ship? Regardless, you can fly in it, if the cool ships are taken.

Review by PCGamesN
Nov 13, 2017

Star Wars Battlefront II houses a decent single-player campaign and good multiplayer, but, like the otherwise slick design of its multiplayer maps, that accomplishment is often obscured by distractions. Normally, my brain blocks out in-game monetisation, letting me enjoy the game for what it is. Battlefront II changes that because spenders get a real advantage here. You cannot help but notice it encroaching on everything, plastered all over the game’s convoluted, drawn-out progression system.

Review by Destructoid
Nov 20, 2017

As much as I loathe this implementation of loot boxes, I still keep playing Battlefront II and I will probably continue to do so on and off. I mean, I do like the game. I just wish it wasn't being squandered like this. You'd be well-advised to wait until overhauls arrive -- assuming they ever do.

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