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RiME tells us a unique story, about the adventures of a boy in an unexplored land. We will be able to explore a beautiful and extensive world full of colorful, an adventure that will put us to the limit mentally thanks to the great amount of puzzles that we will have to solve. It all begins when our character wakes up on a strange island, after being victim of a torrential storm.

This strange island is full of wild animals, forgotten ruins belonging to extinct civilizations and a huge tower that invites you to approach. We will only have our ingenuity and intelligence to face the challenges that we will find, with the sole objective of reaching the highest point of the tower to try to unveil the secrets of the enigmatic island. As we advance in our adventure, we will interact with all kinds of animals, explore every inch of land in search of hidden treasures and enjoy views represented with a great graphic quality.

A captivating adventure in which we will accompany our character for an island apparently inhabited but full of life, and where the puzzles and challenges will require our determination and cunning to be solved.

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