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30th Nov. 2018
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Experience what the creators promise to be the most complete racing ever with RIDE 3. Race on different tracks all over the world, put your favourite vehicles' speed to the test and have fun by customising them with the new Livery Editor.

RIDE 3 is also available on PC & XBox One.

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14 Reviews
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10/10 Dec 6, 2018
10/10 Jul 8, 2019
9/10 Dec 9, 2018
5/10 Feb 6, 2019
4/10 Feb 21, 2019
4/10 Feb 9, 2020
0/10 Sep 9, 2019

RIDE 3 Reviews & Ratings

Dec 17, 2018

RIDE 3 is an extremely versatile racing game, with lots of motorcycles and tracks, bundled in an expansive career mode that's actually fun to play. You'll be playing this one for a long time to come, though unfortunately you'll be spending a lot of time staring at the game's loading screens too.

Nov 29, 2018

RIDE 3 is the bike racing game to beat this generation. A much-improved presentation, with a focus on the thrill of the ride, comes alongside improved load times.

Dec 13, 2018

A new instalment for the Milestone franchise that surpasses the past entries in every way, especially in the graphical department.

Dec 4, 2018

Ride 3 is the only option for bike lovers. The passage to Unreal is a new start for the franchise and the high volume of the content is a great plus. It's a pity that AI and Physics aren't always perfect and the career mode is as entertaining as it is long.

Dec 27, 2018

Unevenly polished and uninviting to novices, RIDE 3 is nevertheless a decent simulation that motorcycle enthusiasts will get plenty of mileage out of.

Dec 14, 2018

Milestone has managed to deliver a game full of great motorcycles and a superb career mode that will keep you hooked for many hours. On the downside, the developer should consider upgrading its technology, a technology that is responsible for some dated graphics and one of the poorest AIs we've encountered on a racing game.

Nov 28, 2018

While it packs in more content than its predecessors, RIDE 3 feels soulless and nonessential if you already own last year’s instalment.

RIDE 3 News

  • May 17, 2018

    Ride 3 officially announced. Watch video

    Ride 3 officially announced
  • May 14, 2018

    Ride 3 is listed on Amazon.

    Ride 3 is listed on Amazon


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