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19th Aug. 2019
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Therefore it is not a physical version, no package will be received, but the key is received in the email account that is provided at the time of purchase.  It should be noted that this digital version of RAD is available in two formats: One is known as "Steam Gift" and the other is known as "Steam Key". The Steam Key format is a code that we must enter in the "Add games" section of our "Games library".

RAD PC is a 3D action game in a post-apocalyptic world, and doubly so, since the Earth has suffered two finals, or two armagedons, so there is not even the rubble of the rubble left in the first apocalypse. In this new adventure, we will play the role of a young man with a desire to explore, and we will accompany him through radioactive deserts plagued by all kinds of mutants and ruthless creatures. As we advance through the endless radioactive desert, our bodies will mutate because of the terrible radiation.

Although these mutations change our fragile human form, the truth is that it will endow us with unique abilities that will allow us to reach the end of our adventure.


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