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August 25, 2014
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Metro Last Light Redux Description

Metro: Last Light Redux is the definitive version of the critically acclaimed Metro: Last Light, rebuilt in the latest and greatest iteration of the 4A Engine for Next Gen. Newcomers will get the chance to experience one of the finest story-driven shooters of all time; an epic adventure combining gripping survival horror, exploration and tactical combat and stealth. This definitive version also includes all previously released DLC, adding 10 hours of bonus single-player content to the huge solo campaign.

Fans of the original game will notice new features and gameplay improvements, including new melee animations, the ability to check your watch and ammo supplies on the fly, and new full-body player animations. And those who favoured the more survival-horror oriented gameplay of the cult prequel Metro 2033 will find a new way to experience the campaign thanks to the introduction of two unique Play Styles – Survival and Spartan. The former transforms Last light from a more action-oriented stealth combat experience to a fraught, slow burn fight for survival.

With the legendary Ranger Mode included to offer an extra layer of challenge and immersion, Metro: Last Light Redux offers hours of AAA gameplay for an incredible price.

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Buy Metro Last Light PC CD Key
Metro Last Light PC CD Key

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11 Reviews
Users Score
10/10Jan 26, 2015
10/10Nov 15, 2016
9/10Aug 7, 2018
8/10Nov 15, 2015
8/10Apr 8, 2018
6/10Jan 23, 2015
0/10Dec 16, 2016

Reviews & Ratings

Review by Hooked Gamers
Aug 29, 2014

The game becomes much more of a survival-horror title with the new available options, and if you’re new you can try both styles and decide for yourself. Otherwise, there’s really no reason to prefer the original over this remastering.

Review by GameWatcher
Aug 19, 2014

I realise all these caveats render a scored review somewhat meaningless, so the takeaway message is this; if you've never played Last Light, you should – it's an excellent game, and you should opt for this version. If you've already played it, however, you don't need to upgrade.

Review by PC Gamer
Aug 20, 2014

Still as atmospheric and impressively grim as it was last year, but inessential if you have the original.

Review by
Sep 15, 2014

If someone owns Metro: Last Light, there's absolutely no reason to buy the Redux version. Graphically its the very same game, while the DLC content and the Survival/Spartan mode are not enough to justify this new release and the 20 euros price, even with the differentiation the later offers to the gameplay. On the other hand, whoever hasn't played the original game yet, has another good reason to do it now.

Review by Cheat Code Central
Aug 20, 2014

It certainly rides on the coattails of 2033 Redux’s release, but it’s still incredibly fun. If anything, it’s a testament to how much fun Last Light was to begin with.

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