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30th Jul. 2019
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Take the journey of an NFL superstar. Create a college quarterback and dominate the College Football Playoff, then impress the scouts at the NFL Combine. Find out where your story begins at the NFL Draft, and then fight to prove you belong in the league.

Last long enough and you just might leave a legacy and even play in a few Pro Bowls. This new and customizable career campaign is all about you, with personalized playable scenarios, events, and dynamic challenges. The choices you make early on will affect how your career pans out.

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14 Reviews
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10/10 Aug 3, 2019
7/10 Oct 24, 2019
2/10 Aug 10, 2019
1/10 Sep 22, 2019
0/10 Sep 18, 2019
0/10 Aug 14, 2019
0/10 Aug 18, 2019

Madden NFL 20 Reviews & Ratings

Aug 5, 2019

Madden NFL 20 might just be the series' best outing to date. Between a less-oppressive Ultimate Team Mode, an excellent player career mode, and more exciting on-the-pitch plays it offers a whole lot of excellent content. Minor tweaks aside, Franchise mode could do with some love next year, but it isn't enough to dull these Friday Night Lights (sorry).

Aug 26, 2019

Madden NFL 20 have improved almost in every aspect. The core gameplay is still very good and challenging, maybe even too much so.

Aug 1, 2019

The new QB1 career mode--which includes a barebones NCAA football experience--overall feels like a half-baked idea that doesn't deliver anything meaningful or interesting. When it comes to the on-the-field action, however, the new X-Factor and Superstar abilities shake up the familiar gameplay formula to give seasoned players and newcomers alike a fresh way to scheme plays and orchestrate strategy on both sides of the ball.

Jul 30, 2019

Whether it's the X-Factors, new Face of the Franchise mode, or even signature player animations, Madden NFL 20 feels more true to life than ever before. The lack of advancement in core areas such as presentation and Franchise Mode, however, hold this edition back from being the complete package.

Aug 2, 2019

Madden 20 is back. As every summer, football fans have the opportunity to enjoy their favorite sport in a virtual way. In this case, EA brings us an iteration which has enough new additions to keep us playing for several hours. On the down side, we will miss important modes such as Longhorn and more news in franchise mode.

Oct 12, 2019

Madden NFL 20 is light on marquee features but builds a solid foundation for the future. [Issue#182, p.81]

Aug 27, 2019

If EA wanted to do something revolutionary with the series, it would have offered Madden NFL 20 as a roster and feature update to Madden NFL 19. Not because there isn’t an enjoyable, playable game here, but because Madden NFL 20 is just more of the same when the series should be making strides toward true greatness.

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  • March 24, 2017

    EA confirms the playable titles for the EAPLAY: SW Battlefront 2, NFS 2017, Madden NFL 18, FIFA 18 & NBA Live 18…. Read more

    EA confirms the playable titles for the EAPLAY: SW Battlefront 2, NFS 2017, Madden NFL 18, FIFA 18 & NBA Live 18…


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