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2nd Aug. 2018
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Robin just wants to be a mechanic and help people, but without a license she's a sinner in Mother's eyes. Ever since picking up her wrench, the world has been going nuts and she's wanted to bolt it back together. Now Penance is raining down on everyone she loves and One Concern agents are after her.

But something big is going on bigger than droughts of Ivory fuel and personal conflicts and Robin's in the thick of it. * Hours of nut-twisting platform action-adventure * Numerous densely detailed locations filled with fine-tuned action and puzzles * 20+ gear-grinding, screen-filling boss battles stand in your way * Three game-changing difficulty settings supported by a unique tweak system * A heart-wrenching epic can one mechanic fix the whole world?Iconoclasts is the masterwork of indie developer Joakim Sandberg, seven long years in the making. Iconoclasts NINTENDO SWITCH delivers awesome action, hilarious hijinks and an emotional rollercoaster of deeply personal storytelling.

Iconoclasts is also available on PC.


14 Reviews
Users Score
10/10 Aug 3, 2019
10/10 Feb 28, 2019
9/10 Jan 17, 2019
7/10 Oct 18, 2018
6/10 Aug 10, 2018
6/10 May 7, 2019
3/10 Jan 3, 2019

Iconoclasts Reviews & Ratings

Aug 6, 2018

The Vita port is great but this game looks absolutely stunning on the Switch screen.

Aug 2, 2018

On the whole, Iconoclasts is a memorable, thought-provoking, and enjoyable take on the Metroidvania genre which manages to stick out from the crowd with its chipper presentation and deeper storytelling style. Couple those elements with some of the best 16-bit spritework we’ve seen and a killer lineup of awesome boss encounters, and you’ve got another must-have for the Switch library. It may have been eight years in the making, but this one has certainly been worth the wait; don’t miss out on this one.

Aug 7, 2018

Iconoclasts is one of the biggest surprises of the year. Despite occasionally suffering through the story sequences, I found that I couldn’t stop playing (it’s about 10 hours long). I can’t recommend the game highly enough--go play it.

Aug 13, 2018

If you have ever been turned off Metroidvanias for their tendency to prove too confusing or challenging, or pined for a larger focus on plot, Iconoclasts is the answer. By relegating the heavy exploration side of the popular genre in favour of driving a captivating narrative and characters to the forefront, Joakim Sandberg has crafted a 2D adventure that comes out as one of the most entertaining of the year, and certainly in the genre as a whole. Don't sleep on this.

Aug 22, 2018

Iconoclasts is a brilliant game that permeates from the amount of care and time put into it. It is by far one of the best of 2018, and I recommend everyone give it a go. It is now available on almost everything (still waiting on my XB1 version guys!) and even if you are as sick of the tried and true formula of so many other games in this genre, this one stands out. Yes it is worth noting that we are affiliated with the publisher, but I promise that has no bearing on my feelings for this game. It stands out above the crowd and deserves so much more attention than it is currently getting.

Oct 29, 2018

I went into Iconoclasts completely blind and came out at the other end of the tunnel smiling. [Issue #36 – November/December 2018, p. 23]

Sep 4, 2018

Iconoclasts is a fun, but difficult platformer with a great cast of characters, brilliant controls and a fantastic soundtrack that is let down by a story with little direction.

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