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September 21, 2016
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Hospitalize Description

Hospitalize is a hospital management simulator that looks for the most effective way to build and manage a hospital. Build your hospital in an intelligent way and avoids the excess of resources consumed in order to manage all your plants and patients in the most efficient way. We will have to surround ourselves with subordinates and specialists in each field, and they try to navigate the labyrinth of the hospital and solve all your patients' problems.

We will be the hospital's administrators, so we will not need to operate or perform any type of surgery, that will be handled by our doctors and subordinates, who will carry out the daily tasks of the hospital automatically. We will select the right staff and manage hospital policies in the way that suits us best and always make the decisions we deem most appropriate for our hospital to obtain the desired benefits.  We will be able to send patients through their different hospital exams and any of our doctors will be able to identify the symptoms and give them proper treatment.

Doctors and nurses will often try to do their best, but as a hospital administrator, we will have the last word and the last decision.


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