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July 8, 2015
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Ground Control Anthology Description

Attention: Ground Control Anthology is a game in digital key or Steam key format (although it may also be available in other versions such as Steam Gift), depending on which online store you buy. Depending on the format, it must be activated in one way or another. Remember also that they may have regional blocking, so pay attention to this information.

Ground Control is a RTS that appeared in 2000 and was a revolution in the genre of real-time strategy. History puts us in 2419 and humanity is on the verge of a crisis due to the scarcity of resources. War has devastated the Earth, and megacorporations are launched into the stars to fight for colonized planets.

Now we will choose one of the two sides and fight for the different planets and their resources in a fierce war with the latest in weapons technology. The title creates a unique blend of 3D action gameplay and real-time strategy. Together with a simple and very intuitive interface, as well as its controls, we will be able to deploy all our means of war in the middle of the bloody battles for the resources of the disputed planets.

It deploys enormous tanks of battle and combat against the enemy armies, with a mechanic of game in which each unit is specialized against another unit of the enemy, reason why it does not serve to create enormous armies of a same unit, but that we will have to create totally heterogeneous armies. This version includes the DLC Dark Conspiracy, which introduces a new faction, as well as multiplayer modes for up to 8 players, including cooperative and competitive modes.


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