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29th Jan. 2019
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Genesis Alpha One is a revolutionary mix of roguelike shooter, base building and survival that puts you in the role of an interstellar pioneer. In a near future ravaged by wars, corrupt regimes and global capitalism left unchecked have resulted in natural resource over-exploitation and pollution; devastating the planet. Supported by Earth's remaining governments, four influential corporations initiate the Genesis program.

As the Captain of a Genesis starship, you journey into uncharted space on the ultimate mission. Build and manage a space vessel, farm resources, deal with terrifying alien infestations, clone creatures and explore a vast, randomly generated universe. Your goal: Find new homes for humanity's DNA and save the species from extinction.



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8 Reviews
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8/10 Feb 3, 2019

Genesis Alpha One Reviews & Ratings

Jan 29, 2019

Genesis Alpha One is a tremendous roguelike that rarely holds back. Its many systems are well balanced, its plethora of unique objectives remain fresh, and its random generation solidifies its already impressive variation. There’s room for minor improvements, and there’s some slight visual blemishes across the entire board, but this takes little away from the constant uncertainty that the game relays at a tense and frequent rate.

Jan 29, 2019

Genesis Alpha One, once it grabs you, is a hard one to put down. Dripping in atmosphere, exploring and building your own space-ship and then visiting strange new planets has all the wonder you could hope for. The added tension of wondering if your crew has been infected by some sort of alien parasite – and then watching as your ship slowly becomes a scene from sci-fi horror film, is exhilarating.

Jan 29, 2019

Genesis Alpha One is a great idea and a very interesting and entertaining option in the genre of space exploration.

Jan 29, 2019

The game works within its microverse but it has a tendency to get locked up in its gameplay loop. When nothing is happening apart from routinely harvesting ore, it takes persistence to keep the expedition going on. I can imagine a real space travel Genesis Alpha One portrays in its video game terms being rather uneventful. Heck, you wouldn’t even want anything unexpected happening but being safe and sound even at the risk of getting bored. So, as odd as it may sound, uneventfulness is the game’s biggest virtue. Otherwise, you’d be desperately running and gunning around corridors until you run out of ammunition and crew members and start your trek all over again.

Jan 29, 2019

A very successful blend of management, base building and FPS mechanics, partly ruined by an unbalanced and frustrating rogue-like component.

Jan 30, 2019

By trying to be all things to all people Genesis Alpha One loses any sense of identity. There is some really interesting ideas at work, and cool aesthetic in one portion of the game, but other areas feel underdeveloped.

Jan 29, 2019

Losing progress in a roguelike is meant to entice you to hop back in with new accessories to change your next run, but Genesis Alpha One doesn't have the mechanics in place to make these variations interesting enough to experiment with.

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Genesis Alpha One News

  • August 2, 2017

    Team17 unveils its Gamescom lineup: The Escapists 2, Genesis Alpha One, Sword Legacy: Omen and Yoku’s Island Express.

    Team17 unveils its Gamescom lineup: The Escapists 2, Genesis Alpha One, Sword Legacy: Omen and Yoku’s Island Express


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