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It’s Time To Make or Break The Storm came without warning and wiped out 98 percent of the world’s population in a flash. Poof. Adios.

Sayonara. Then came the monsters, wave after wave, night after night. Destroying everything in their path.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. In an abandoned missile silo, we’ve found one of our first weapons against the Storm … you. We’re looking for a few good commanders like you to help make a difference, push back the storm and protect those among us who are unable to protect themselves.

Rescue survivors. Make hundreds of guns, swords, and things that go boom. Make impregnable forts.

Tastefully decorate with sniper perches, poison gas traps, and jump pads. Take back the world. You know, the usual.

And be sure to invite your friends. Welcome to Fortnite. Developed by Epic Games, the only company smart enough to attach chainsaws to guns, Fortnite PS4 is the Action Building RPG powered by Unreal Engine 4.

Fortnite allows hardcore shooter fans, master treehouse builders, and katana-slicing ninjas to play in the same, beautifully realized world for hundreds of hours. The forecast for the world of Fortnite calls for new threats and the means to fight them every few weeks. Features: Hero Complex - Recruit and train commandos, ninjas, constructors, and outlanders to take on the monster hordes.

For your most dangerous missions, assign your biggest badasses to Hero Squads and take back Earth together. Design and Conquer - The revolutionary building system allows you to create extravagant forts while juggling frenetic combat. Lure the monsters into devastating traps that use poison darts, metal spikes, and sentry guns.

But build wisely. The monster hordes can smell design flaws like fresh meat. Master the Craft - Use scavenged resources to craft ridiculous weapons like homemade sniper rifles, hydraulic mining axes, and launch pads that send monsters flying.

As you move your heroes up the skill tree, unlock schematics for even wilder weapons of DIY destruction. Make Friends - With seamless drop-in, drop-out co-op play and procedurally designed maps, Fortnite is fun for shooters, builders, explorers, and ninjas alike.

Fortnite is also available on PC & XBox One.

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14 Reviews
Users Score
10/10 Jul 23, 2017
9/10 Sep 11, 2019
7/10 Dec 3, 2019
2/10 Jul 26, 2018
1/10 Dec 26, 2018
0/10 Mar 8, 2019
0/10 Feb 2, 2019

Fortnite Reviews & Ratings

Mar 27, 2018

Mastering Fortnite Battle Royale’s many systems is worth every second of investment. Whether you go it alone or queue up with a squad, even if you’re the first to die or you actually manage to earn the Victory Royale, Fortnite’s zany style and unique blend of shooting and building almost never offers anything less than an outstanding time. It may not be the first battle royale game, and it certainly won’t be the last, but Fortnite sets itself apart from the crowd by giving you the freedom and tools to express your own personal playstyle.

Jul 26, 2017

If grinding for loot, shooting zombies, and building the coolest forts ever sounds like it’s up your alley, I can’t recommend Fortnite enough.

Jun 3, 2018

Whether we're talking aesthetics or the accessibility of its gameplay, all is good for Fortnite, which provides a beautiful vision of what Battle Royale should be.

Aug 2, 2017

Fortnite incorporates mechanics of survival, crafting and missions in waves. Everything is very well measured and addictive, but there are no surprises or innovation. The microtransactions come to break the balance, and you'll have to play too many hours to see your character really improve. It's better that you wait for the free-to-play version.

Jul 25, 2017

The ultimate effort of the US home team is to combine the excellent experience of the third-person shooter with foundational elements of some of the most successful works of the last few years, in an effective and convincing manner, at least from the gambling point of view.

Aug 7, 2017

Fortnite wants to cover more than it can. Its three pillars of action, construction and management are too independent. To make matters worse, it feels too focused on opening piñatas (chests) and pay-to-continue.

Mar 7, 2018

Fortnite: Battle Royale is a fast-paced arcade alternative to PUBG, but it fails in the tension department. Its good fun when you play like you don’t only have one life, but that in and of itself makes it feel like an oddity that hasn’t quite found its identity yet.

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    Fortnite legal dance battles paused temporarily
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    Season 8 comes to Fortnite with pirates as main theme. Watch video

    Season 8 comes to Fortnite with pirates as main theme
  • February 26, 2019

    Fortnite revenue drops 48% in January compared to 2018. Read more

    Fortnite revenue drops 48% in January compared to 2018
  • February 25, 2019

    Epic Games publishes a teaser of Fortnite’s eight season. Read more

    Epic Games publishes a teaser of Fortnite’s eight season
  • February 22, 2019

    Fortnite hits a new concurrent player record despite Apex Legends’ success. Read more

    Fortnite hits a new concurrent player record despite Apex Legends’ success
  • January 30, 2019

    Fortnite’s NFL skins returning for Super Bowl finals. Read more

    Fortnite’s NFL skins returning for Super Bowl finals
  • January 15, 2019

    After Fortnite, Sony opens the door to cross-play on Rocket League. Read more

    After Fortnite, Sony opens the door to cross-play on Rocket League
  • December 28, 2018

    Epic’s Profit From Fortnite Is More Than What Some Countries Made. Read more

    Epic’s Profit From Fortnite Is More Than What Some Countries Made


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