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18th Apr. 2019
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The highly popular and quirky idle game that you want to actively keep playing. Explore, craft, gather & manage resources, find secrets and build your base out of nothing. Buy land to explore and expand!.


14 Reviews
Users Score
10/10 Apr 21, 2019
10/10 May 4, 2019
9/10 Aug 10, 2019
8/10 Apr 29, 2019
8/10 Oct 23, 2019
7/10 Apr 23, 2019
6/10 Jul 10, 2019

Forager Reviews & Ratings

Apr 26, 2019

Despite its lack of difficulty, our time with Forager was enjoyable to the very end. For those seeking out a new chill crafting game, Forager is worth your while.

Apr 24, 2019

Forager is a quirky, relaxing game that is dripping with charm. A simple premise expanded on in meaningful and tangible ways creates a title that is not only delicious fun but also thoroughly addictive.

Aug 1, 2019

Forager is a lovely surprise, its simple appearance disguising a huge amount of content packed under the surface. Rarely has crafting been as enjoyable and streamlined, whilst the sheer range of things to do means that you never have to feel bored. You’re always working towards something whilst the dungeons are well designed and feature classic puzzles which makes for a refreshing change of pace from the relentless acquisition. All in all, Forager is a gem, and well deserves to dig its way under your skin. Just don’t complain to me it's 4AM and you’re still mining.

May 6, 2019

It doesn’t look great, and the idea might seem too simple, but the execution is great. It actually relies on simplicity to create a fun idea that simply works. A great option for fans of crafting.

May 30, 2019

8-bit inspired open world crafting and exploration idle game that will surely capture the hearts of both fans and non-fans of the genre.

Jun 28, 2019

Forager is a game that gives you joy from the minute you start playing, and from there just continues delivering. With fun responses for the player’s actions, simple tasks feel a lot more engaging. Improvement in crafting efficiency keeps the gameplay feeling fresh, which prevents Forager from becoming tedious. By depicting the joy and sorrow of finding new material, Forager creates a story around the crafting gameplay itself. Forager can be enjoyed for as long as the player wants to. Finding your own way to solve problems might feel tough at first, but that’s what makes it so addictive in the end.

Jun 3, 2019

Forager offers a pleasant mix of multiple genres, but lacks the finesse of the games it is based upon. Sometimes this game will just require you to press your left mouse button and that is simply too boring.

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