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Football Manager 2021 Touch is the faster way to experience life in charge of the world’s top football clubs. Get on the fast-track to footballing glory… Back for the new season with an overhauled UI, FM21 Touch is the perfect game for those looking for the excitement of Football Manager in a more streamlined format. Take full advantage of the Nintendo Switch™ controller options and remodelled user interface to blast through the seasons, focusing on tactics and transfers.

You can leave everything else in the capable hands of your Assistant. Sit back and watch your tactical vision come to life in our acclaimed 3D match engine, and there's no better way to take-in the action than docking your Nintendo Switch™ and viewing on the big screen. Even matchdays can be accelerated though, with the ‘Instant Result’ feature enabling you to smash your way to domestic glory.

Although you’re trading depth for speed, FM21 Touch still packs the full power of Football Manager’s world-renowned database, including more than 500,000 real-life players, managers and backroom staff. Want to take the football world by storm with one of the game’s underdogs? Or are you the sort of boss who prefers a club accustomed to success? With more than 117 leagues from 52 nations at your fingertips, the choice is yours.


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Football Manager 2021 Touch Reviews & Ratings

Dec 24, 2020

Criticisms aside, Football Manager Touch 2021 is impossible to put down. The bugs and crashes don't matter. The presentation doesn't matter. It also doesn't matter that this game is so dangerously close to crossing the line to become actual work that I wouldn't be surprised if the developers actually collect people's play data to pass on to the real-world managers to give them ideas for their actual decision-making. Football Manager is emergent narrative brilliance, and Touch 21 doesn't let us down there by any means.

Dec 23, 2020

The search for an intuitive control system on the Switch continues, as Football Manager 2021 remains clunky and fiddly to play. Stick with its admittedly awkward controls, however, and you'll end up with the best handheld football management game ever, thanks to its enhanced matchday options and its improved stats. It's the Robert Pires of football games: it eventually becomes sensational, you just have to give it a season or so before it properly settles.

Apr 12, 2021

Simply put, if you have limited time and only want to dip your toes in, rather than fully submerging yourself, playing Football Manager 2021 Touch on Nintendo Switch in handheld mode is the best way to experience the game. Aside from the revamped matchday experience, there is not a great deal to differentiate this from Football Manager 2020 Touch.

Jan 7, 2021

If there was more competition in the field, Football Manager Touch on the Nintendo Switch could well have been in trouble. As it stands, Sports Interactive has the monopoly and, unfortunately for us Switch Players, it shows.

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