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FIFA 20 Informations

Enjoy more control over the Decisive Moments that determine the outcome of every match in FIFA 20. Pick your target and time it right from the spot. Add curl, dip, or knuckle to free kicks.

A new aiming mechanic gives you more creativity from dead balls. Move with more agility. Lure the defender in.

Beat them with speed or skill. New strafe dribbling adds new dimensions for attacking play in FIFA 20 PC. Take back possession with Active Touch Tackling and new animations that reward you for well-timed defensive play.

More clinical finishing when one-on-one. More risk with volleys and long shots. Overhauled shooting creates more realism in front of goal in FIFA 20.

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13 Reviews
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10/10 Oct 8, 2019
2/10 Oct 4, 2019
0/10 Sep 29, 2019
0/10 Oct 3, 2019
0/10 Sep 30, 2019
0/10 Sep 27, 2019
0/10 Sep 28, 2019

FIFA 20 Reviews & Ratings

Sep 19, 2019

Volta brings new life into the series, but on the whole FIFA 20 is an adequate but underwhelming entry into the series.

Oct 3, 2019

FIFA 20 is bringing nothing new except Volta mode, which is really fun to play. Also FUT is still a P2W mess.

Dec 6, 2019

As long as Ultimate Team mode keeps making money, there’s little hope for FIFA series. [Issue#241, p.33]

Sep 24, 2019

However invested you become, however much enjoyment you take from competency and victory, however many times you watch that replay back of the Volta goal you scored by flicking it backwards over a defender, losing another with an elastico and backheeling it into the net (at least double figures now), FIFA 20’s biggest failing is in producing an enjoyable football match.

Oct 10, 2019

For now, FIFA 20 is better than the previous edition in terms of gameplay, and that’s somewhat sufficient. But it dropped the excellent The Journey single-player only to replace it with a stale mode. With a little luck, we might get to play Volta outside of FIFA when it belongs. To sum it up, as Comrade Dyatlov points out, it’s not great, not terrible. For any other game, this would be a bad thing, but for FIFA’s microtransaction model, it’s everything that Electronic Arts hopes for.

Sep 27, 2019

With unsurprisingly shady surprise mechanics and little to no significant movement on the pitch, FIFA 20 is a stopgap entry that only has Volta to boast about.

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FIFA 20 News

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  • March 24, 2017

    EA confirms the playable titles for the EAPLAY: SW Battlefront 2, NFS 2017, Madden NFL 18, FIFA 18 & NBA Live 18…. Read more

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