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16th Jul. 2021
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F1 2021 Informations

Every story has a beginning in F1® 2021, the official videogame of the 2021 FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP™. Enjoy the stunning new features of F1® 2021, including the thrilling story experience ‘Braking Point’, two-player Career, and get even closer to the grid with ‘Real-Season Start’.


14 Reviews
Users Score
10/10 Jul 18, 2021
10/10 Jul 23, 2021
9/10 Jul 17, 2021
2/10 Jul 18, 2021
1/10 Jul 18, 2021
1/10 Jul 17, 2021
0/10 Jul 19, 2021

F1 2021 Reviews & Ratings

Jul 13, 2021

The new game has applied a generous amount of polish to the things that it carried forward, and the new modes, such as Braking Point and the two-player career mode, add some appreciable entertainment to a solid racing game. It is equally enjoyable to an F1 nut as to someone who is entering the sport fandom, and I have been having a great time whenever I fire it up for a few laps.

Jul 12, 2021

Another superlative simulation of the Formula One world, now with an enjoyable story mode too.

Jul 16, 2021

F1 2021 has undeniably struggled with COVID and the limitations it has put on both the sport and the game. However, either despite or because of these limitations, this manages a step forward that the series failed to take two years ago, it brings a genuine story to the game. Braking Point is an undeniable success and, one would hope, marks a starting point in which Codemasters can advance as the series moves forward. Beyond this new mode, almost every aspect has been polished to a diamond-like shine, with the only aspects needing improvement are the MyTeam mode, which already looks lacking as a story of progression when compared to Braking Point, and the poor AI in team management. Despite this minor issue, there's no doubt in my mind that this is the best of the franchise so far and a great launching point to the next generation.

Jul 12, 2021

Whether you’re a fan of Formula 1, a die-hard sim enthusiast or even just a casual racing game fan then it’s hard to go past F1 2021. There’s something for everyone in this years offering, and I can’t wait to get stuck in to the new tracks later this year.

Jul 13, 2021

Quotation forthcoming.

Jul 12, 2021

The latest iteration of Formula One racing games, the pinnacle of motorsport. 8. Overall, F1 2021 still provides an unrivaled and amazing racing experience thanks to its MyTeam and Career modes, as well as a multitude of options to help fine-tune your racing style. Unfortunately, it's marred by a disappointing and disjointed Braking Point flagship story. Moreover, the improvements and changes to existing modes aren't as impactful as I had hoped. As such, if F1 2021 isn't as compelling if you extensively played last year's offering.

Jul 12, 2021

Much like the sport itself, the driving is as impressive as ever. But the worries about management’s business practices endure, too. Fundamentally, F1 2021 is worth it for the handling model.

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