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August 24, 2018
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Attention: This version of F1 2018 is for PC and is a digital version that is downloaded directly from the Steam gaming platform, so no physical version of the game will be sent, if not digital. F1 2018 is the newest episode of the ultimate season of the Formula 1 simulation game par excellence. This is the official simulator of the WORLD FORMULA ONE CHAMPIONSHIP and will immerse us in a unique experience, with levels of realism that we have rarely seen in a game of this nature.

One of the novelties is that we will be able to choose our destination within the world of Formula 1. We will be able to develop our team from scratch and manage all aspects of a Formula 1 team, or make contact with other teams and offer them our services focusing solely and exclusively on piloting. Many other aspects of graphics, gameplay, tracks, etc.

have also been improved. And many other factors that make it the best simulation game of the year.


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