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13th Aug. 2018
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Deaths Gambit Informations

Death's Gambit is a challenging Action-RPG through which you explore an alien medieval planet filled with beasts, knights, and horrors. As an agent of Death, bound to his service, banish your fears and endure the struggle that lies at the heart of Leydia.

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14 Reviews
Users Score
10/10 Aug 14, 2018
10/10 Aug 16, 2018
10/10 Aug 14, 2018
8/10 Aug 20, 2018
8/10 Aug 17, 2018
7/10 Feb 4, 2020
4/10 Aug 17, 2018

Deaths Gambit Reviews & Ratings

Aug 20, 2018

If you like exploring, fighting and challenges in a medieval setting, this is your game. You can tell it's a humble project with a tight budget behind it, but the results are very good.

Aug 20, 2018

Death's Gambit has potential and an impressive visual style, but an unpolished control scheme and combat tends to make things a bit uncomfortable in some occasions. There's potential with room to improvement.

Sep 23, 2018

Death's Gambit is only a souls-like? At first glance the answer is definitely yes but it is also a lot more. White Rabbit manage to create a great but nevertheless fragile game which despite the flaws and the lapse of taste in some situations deserves your attention.

Aug 27, 2018

I like a lot of what Death’s Gambit has to offer, but controlling it is vexatious. The game does a decent job establishing a small, captivating story wrapped in a melancholically exquisite world. I wish Death’s Gambit found more of its own voice, since it truly does shine in the moments it tries something new and refreshing. Although it doesn’t necessarily take the concept of adapting the 2D Souls formula to the next level, Death’s Gambit is another solid shot at it.

Jan 9, 2019

There are moments when Death’s Gambit is a really good game that intelligently copies Souls and the likes, but to truly enjoy it you need to accept it as a collage of inspirations which doesn’t allow original ideas to shine. [11/2018, p.74]

Aug 22, 2018

The freedom, and the constant sense that I’d be surprised when I turned the next corner, somewhat smoothed over the frustrations of Death’s Gambit, but it’d be a stretch to say I enjoyed it as a whole. Figuring out the best strategy for each boss fight is satisfying, but actually beating them isn’t fun enough to justify the pain of battling the stingy stamina system. Throwing myself at the same boss 29 times in a row just wasn’t quite worth the hassle.

Aug 26, 2018

Despite its rewarding exploration and intriguing story, Death's Gambit is consistently held back by its combat, which lacks the responsiveness you need when fighting enemies that can kill you in seconds.

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Deaths Gambit News

  • May 11, 2018

    White Rabbit announces the official release date for Death’s Gambit. Watch video

    White Rabbit announces the official release date for Death’s Gambit


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