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14th Jun. 2016
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Dead by Daylight Of Flesh and Mud DLC Informations

You are cursed. Of Flesh and Mud is the third Chapter for Dead by Daylight. Prepare for dark hexes and flesh made out of mud and decay, if you dare enter Backwater Swamp and live through the horror it brings.

A new killer - The Hag - awaits you in the waterland area and you will meet a new survivor: Ace Visconti. A hag driven to madness by being devoured alive piece by piece. A survivor that believes luck is always on his side.

A wetland with scorched shacks, an eerie mud maze and a rusting boat graveyard lays ahead of you, so tread carefully. Of Flesh and Mud is the brand new Chapter for Dead by Daylight and it includes a new Killer, a new Survivor and a map. Haunted by The Hag The unspeakable torment Lisa Sherwood endured twisted her mind and carved in the memory of pain in her bones.

She had a choice, to flee or to turn on her tormentors. Her last deed drove her into darkness. From Dust to Dust Source of The Hag's power, a blackened finger used as a catalyst to her terrible power: the Phantasm Traps.

The Hag draws in the soil to set a trap for the survivors. When a survivor finds her trap, a lifelike illusion of the killer appears in front of them. Once the trap is triggered, The Hag has a choice.

To enter the physical illusion when the survivors are within her reach or use it as a decoy to take down her unsuspecting prey before the phantasm collapses into pieces of dirt and mud. KILLER PERKS The Hag perks revolve around a new gameplay mechanic: the Hex totems. They are focused on cursing the survivors and sapping their abilities.

Ruin An ominous hex that affects the survivors' skills at repairing generators. Survivors affected by Ruin suffer the following in their desperate fight for survival: Good Skill checks results in regression on the generator. Great Skill checks do not grant bonus progression on the generator.

Devour Hope A hex rooting its power on hope. The false hope of survivors ignites your hunger. When a survivor is rescued from a hook at least 24 meters away, Devour Hope receives a token.

Tokens grant various abilities such as double damage and kill by your own hand. The Third Seal You will curse a survivor by hitting the victim while the Hex Totem is active. The hex reduces the effectiveness of the victim's aura reading ability and make the survivor easy prey.

But only one survivor can have this curse at a time. Once you hit another survivor, the Hex is transferred to your next victim. NEW SURVIVOR: ACEAre you feeling lucky? Ace Visconti is one charming guy.

From his roots as a poor boy in Argentina, he gamed, scammed, seduced and smooth-talked his way to a life of luxury as a high roller in the land of opportunity. Money has always had a way of slipping through his fingers, but Ace simply figures he can always win more. Eventually he racked up too many debts with the wrong kind of people.

But when they finally came to collect, Ace was nowhere to be found. No one knows where he has gone, but everyone agrees on one thing: He will survive against all odds. SURVIVOR PERKSLuck favors the bold Ace is one lucky bastard or at least he believes he is.

Therefore, he's always ready to take a chance. Ace in the Hole Lady Luck always seems to be throwing something good your way. When retrieving an item from a chest, there is a chance that an add-on of very rare rarity or lower attached to it.

Up the Ante Your confidence strengthens the feeling of hope for those around you. For each other survivor still alive, grant bonus to luck to all remaining survivors. Open-Handed Luck is more than chance, it takes a bit of skill thrown in.

You stay alert at all times. Strengthens potential in one's aura reading ability and increases aura reading ranges. NEW MAP: BLACKWATER SWAMPA feast on human flesh It wasn't until the authorities decided to drain the waters around the ramshackle collection of huts that the true history of Backwater Swamp began to unravel.

Thirty-seven sets of human remains weighted down in the rotten swamp waters was revealed. Bodies that showed traced of being cut in and their bones carefully scraped free of flesh. As for the family that hunted in these waters, nothing was ever found of them.

The buildings where they once lived were burnt and scorched and everything was covered in black ashes. The rumor claims that they torched it all to cover up their deeds, before fleeing into the darkest reaches of the swamp, to one day begin their foul hunt again. The wreck of The Pale Rose The Pale Rose, an ancient paddle steamer in the middle of the swamp, held captive of the stagnant mud.

It has been here long before the residents began their hunt, a barely visible silhouette from the nearby village. There are signs of inhabitation, particularly in the upper states room where strange, ritualistic markings in dried blood and dirt cover the floor. From the scale of the bloodletting, something horrid has taken place here.

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14 Reviews
Users Score
10/10 Jun 17, 2016
10/10 Jun 19, 2018
8/10 Nov 29, 2018
5/10 Jun 21, 2016
3/10 Nov 24, 2016
1/10 Jun 26, 2016
0/10 Jul 2, 2020

Dead by Daylight Of Flesh and Mud DLC Reviews & Ratings

Oct 24, 2016

An amazing survival horror experience and my favourite indie game so far this year; you’ll sure as hell see this one on my list of top 5 games of 2016.

Jun 21, 2016

Dead by Daylight is a good game, but it lacks of content. Hope to see more soon.

Jun 29, 2016

The slasher genre fits great in a multiplayer game, and Dead by Deadlight is a proof of it. Jason Voorhees approves.

Jun 28, 2016

Despite of lack of content in its launch, Dead by Daylight is an original adventure multiplayer game that it is worth and captures perfectly the style of classic movies of horror.

Jul 2, 2016

The idea is great and it's really intense and fun when played with friends. However, it's not the most polished experience, so it might be worth waiting and seeing how it improves in the upcoming months.

Jun 28, 2016

Dead By Daylight is a fantastic concept that, in practice, needed much more work put into it.

Jul 4, 2016

Dead by Daylight executes the concept of a competitive horror game well, but only to a point.

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Dead by Daylight News

  • November 17, 2017

    Dead by Daylight sells more than three million copies across all platforms.

    Dead by Daylight sells more than three million copies across all platforms
  • October 16, 2017

    Dead by Daylight adds Freddy Krueger as new killer. Watch video

    Dead by Daylight adds Freddy Krueger as new killer
  • September 15, 2017

    Leatherface is coming to Dead by Daylight PC version. Watch video

    Leatherface is coming to Dead by Daylight PC version
  • June 22, 2017

    Dead by Daylight reaches 1.8 million copies sold a year after its release.

    Dead by Daylight reaches 1.8 million copies sold a year after its release


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