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13th Nov. 2007
1 GB VRAM - NVidia GTS 450 / AMD Radeon HD5770
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17 GB
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Suit up with the entire collection of Crysis games. The nanosuit: it's more than just a badass look. This futuristic, hugely capable wardrobe has been a part of the Crysis franchise since the absolute beginning.

You haven't experienced it yet? We've put together all the greats in the Crysis series together so you'll know just how downright handy this nanosuit can be. Get caught up with the Crysis Trilogy. This bundle, several dozen hours of non-stop action, includes all the great futuristic Nanosuit-enhanced first-person shooter the series has been known for.

Over the course of three entire games you'll witness first-hand the evolution of an alien invasion and its effect on earth, both in fleshed-out single player campaigns and expansive multiplayer experiences. Over the course of three games you'll leap from the freshly devastated cityscapes of New York City to the the same metropolis completely overgrown under a lush rainforest. Use stealth attacks or over-the top firepower.

Every intense moment in the Crysis franchise is included in Crysis Trilogy PC. Suit up.


14 Reviews
Users Score
10/10 Nov 27, 2007
10/10 May 15, 2011
10/10 Mar 21, 2010
8/10 Dec 30, 2010
7/10 Jan 12, 2013
6/10 Dec 26, 2009
0/10 Feb 10, 2008

Crysis Trilogy Reviews & Ratings


When you get past the stealth-themed missions early on, and move onto missions with full use of tanks, helicopters, rockets, and airstrikes, the tactical gameplay plus the production values turn Crysis into a love letter for military combat.


Crysis is visually stunning, packed with intelligent, thrilling gameplay, and easily one of the greatest shooters ever made.


Top-class graphics, sound and atmosphere - with due modesty: this is the the world's best first-person shooter so far. A game which combines all the virtues of its predecessors: a thrilling story, an open game world, physics simulation and graphics to marvel at.


So, while there are some minor hiccups from time to time, overall the game plays well, it’s fun, and it’s something FPS fans are going to enjoy for a long while.


Crysis pushes the envelope in the graphics department and experiments with some freewheeling gameplay. The end result may not be a perfectly polished game experience, and it might require a monster system to really appreciate, but it's hard to fault a game for pushing so far past the bleeding edge.


Crysis has long been touted as the new standard-bearer among visually compelling shooters, and in that regard, Crysis does not disappoint. When you throw in a nanosuit, nonlinear freedom of movement and an exciting story, Crysis is as good a reason as any to upgrade your computer.


The story is uninspired, but the actual game is a stunner.

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