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Hack, slash, and smash your way to victory in this Remastered edition of the popular 2D arcade adventure from The Behemoth. At 60FPS, Castle Crashers Remastered delivers hi-res visuals like nothing you've ever seen before. Up to four friends can play locally or online and save your princess, defend your kingdom, and crash some castles.

Castle Crashers is also available on PC.


12 Reviews
Users Score
10/10 Jan 24, 2020
10/10 Sep 28, 2019
10/10 Jan 28, 2020
10/10 Jun 19, 2020
10/10 Oct 29, 2020
9/10 Sep 20, 2019
5/10 Sep 23, 2019

Castle Crashers Reviews & Ratings

Oct 21, 2019

Never rescuing princesses had been as fun as in Castle Crashers Remastered. Choose your knight and go out to the battlefield with your favorite fish, melt your enemies with rainbows and, above all, have a great time with your friends in this amazing and addictive replayable game.

Sep 22, 2019

As far as beat ‘em up brawlers go on the Switch, Castle Crashers Remastered is one of the finest titles available for the platform. Tight controls, many multiplayer modes, a great art direction and a wealth of replayable content make this an easy “ol’ reliable” game that you’ll surely be revisiting with friends for years to come. All the same, it’s also far from a perfect experience, as the repetitive nature of combat and the reliance on damage-sponges to pad out the runtime make for a title that can tend to overstay its welcome in extended sessions. Still, for a relatively cheap price at the time of writing, it’s pretty tough to argue against the raw value proposition being made here between the amount of content and overall fun factor; if you’re looking for another great co-op game to add to your Switch library, look no further.

Sep 20, 2019

Despite the game starting to feel a little shallow over ten years later, Castle Crashers is still an absolute riot when played with friends. I can’t recommend it as a solo experience, meaning its appeal on a hybrid console like the Switch may be a little limited. I can however highly recommend it for sitting down and having a good time with a group of friends. If you’ve got other game consoles then you can probably already play this game at its best, but it’s always a good time to jump in and have fun crashing through some castles.

Sep 27, 2019

In spite of its repetition, Castle Crashers Remastered is an enjoyable and mindless romp that’s best experienced with four players. While it might not hold up as well against my initial 2008 playthrough there’s enough content and fun still to be had that made revisiting Castle Crashers a nostalgic journey worth taking.

Dec 11, 2019

While the action can get repetitive too fast and its difficulty level is a tad too artificial, the game is an overall fun experience with a good lifespan, especially on multiplayer up to four players, which is where Castle Crashers Remastered really shines.

Castle Crashers News

  • March 20, 2019

    Castle Crashers Remastered announced for PS4 and Switch. Read more

    Castle Crashers Remastered announced for PS4 and Switch


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