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Assetto Corsa Informations

Precision and perfection are at the core of Kunos Simulazioni’s pedigree; first of all in creating software models for numerous motorsports Marques, and now in bringing their ground-breaking racing simulation, Assetto Corsa, to home consoles. Deservedly positioned as “Your Racing Simulator,” Assetto Corsa PS4 ups the simulation stakes with a fanatical focus on pure driving realism, with laser-focused accuracy across every aspect of the game from the meticulous car handling to the laser-measured tracks. Assetto Corsa features over ninety high-performance vehicles all rendered to an obsessive level of detail, and each with bespoke handling and performance modelling taken from manufacturer’s real-life track data and telemetry.

Using laser scanning technology to deliver the highest level of accuracy possible, Assetto Corsa boats twenty-four track configurations from sixteen legendary circuits, alongside an advanced physics engine built using practical knowledge acquired from the elite of motorsport including features and aspects of real cars, never seen on any other racing simulator such as tyre flat spots, heat cycles including graining and blistering. A full suite of race modes in Single and Multiplayer are available and customization allows players to personalize their experience by adjusting the handling and race set-up of each and every car in-game to match their personal racing style. Assetto Corsa has been developed at the Kunos Simulazioni R&D office, located at the Vallelunga international racing circuit outside Rome, allowing the team to develop the game in conjunction with some of the world’s top drivers and racing teams.

Features:Tailored to Perfection: Over eighty cars are available to choose from, plus special editions, reproduced in collaboration with the most prestigious automotive manufacturers, each one authentic and unique in both characteristics and handling. Legendary Circuits: Including Silverstone Circuit, Monza, and Nürburgring-Nordschleife, all recreated using Laser Scan technology so that each bump, curb and slope is a perfect match to the real counterpart. Precision physics bring a new dimension to the car and track, from tyre flat spots & heat cycles to the dynamic simulation of the tyre rubber deposited on track and recreated light conditions based on geographical coordinates.

Multiple Race Modes: Include career mode, special and unique events and challenges. Fully customisable single player and multiplayer modes include quick races, race weekends including free practice sessions, qualifying session, drag races, drift challenges and more. Tuning & driver assist profiles allow the overall racing experience to be further modified by adjusting everything from car attributes to collision damage to let players of any proficiency with a joypad or supported racing wheel.

Assetto Corsa is also available on PC & XBox One.



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14 Reviews
Users Score
10/10 Sep 9, 2016
10/10 Aug 30, 2016
10/10 Aug 30, 2016
5/10 Aug 30, 2016
4/10 Sep 1, 2016
2/10 Aug 30, 2016
0/10 Sep 1, 2016

Assetto Corsa Reviews & Ratings

Aug 25, 2016

Assetto Corsa is the new benchmark for console racing games, truly a masterpiece, the real driving simulation.

Aug 25, 2016

This simulator is everything that fans of racing can ask for. There isn’t any other game that achieves its feeling of driving a car at a high speed while you struggle with the steering wheel and try to get some tenths of a second at every corner.

Aug 25, 2016

A true racing simulator that may not be appealing for every player, but manages to offer a different view of the racing genre on consoles.

Sep 21, 2016

It's a bit simplistic, but other than that, Assetto Corsa is a fine racing simulator.

Aug 25, 2016

Gritty and realistic, Assetto Corsa is for serious racing fans. It lacks finesse, but it's one of the best racers on the market.

Sep 12, 2016

Assetto Corsa does a lot right, and a lot wrong. It does; however, get the gameplay right which is far and away the most important aspect in racers, even if it fails to deliver a compelling career mode. In its Special Events mode the game shows off its best side while the career mode is average at best. Not to mention the antiquated look cannot be ignored. That being said, Assetto Corsa has a unique tone and feel that differentiates it enough from the competition.

Aug 29, 2016

Hopefully the game grows over time. I know Evolution Studios turned Driveclub into an enjoyable experience after a failed launch. Maybe Kunos Simulazioni can do the same for Assetto Corsa.

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