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15th Aug. 2017
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Agents of Mayhem Informations

Ji-hoon “Johnny” Gat has led an intercontinental life. Born in Seoul, but raised from the age of nine in Palisades Park, New Jersey—he joined the Newark police force straight out of high school. He served in Newark’s 1st Precinct for about a year, but his bad attitude rubbed his superiors the wrong way and he soon found himself unemployed.

Looking to make a fresh start, he moved back to his boyhood home. There, he joined the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, and though his attitude hadn’t changed much, he was getting results. He quickly came to the attention of Chief Superintendent General Cheon, who frustratedly tolerated Gat’s general recklessness.

Eventually, Gat worked his way up the ranks to become a Senior Inspector. Everything would change on Devil’s Night, when most of Seoul Metro was wiped out and Gat got knocked into a coma. He awoke almost a year later to discover C.

O. P. robot units had replaced his entire department.

But Persephone was aware of him, and immediately recruited him, recognizing his reputation for wanton destruction made him the perfect fit for MAYHEM. Motivation He’s Gat. We all know Gat.

He’ll take any job that involves committing acts of extreme violence. He also has a skewed sense of justice, and being part of MAYHEM allows him to right the wrongs he perceives around him. Also, the looser structure of the organization, plus the fact that it’s a privately-held company means he’s no longer subject to the rigid rules of government employment.

You Are Elite Super Agents Pick your squad of 3 highly skilled and iconic characters from a roster of 12 uniquely designed MAYHEM agents, brimming with personality Play as any of the 3 Super Agents you select to take into battle, and swap between them on the fly for greater gameplay depth Customize your Agents’ skills and Upgrade their arsenal of weapons, gadgets, and vehicles.

Agents of Mayhem is also available on PC & PS4.


14 Reviews
Users Score
9/10 Aug 15, 2017
9/10 Aug 16, 2017
8/10 Aug 15, 2017
7/10 Jun 2, 2019
6/10 Sep 3, 2020
6/10 Jan 11, 2019
3/10 Dec 31, 2019

Agents of Mayhem Reviews & Ratings

Aug 15, 2017

Agents of Mayhem is Volition as its finest, we can expect a mix of humor and action in this frenetic heroes-based game, which turns out to be of the best games from this company.

Aug 15, 2017

Despite these flaws, Agents of Mayhem truly does offer a unique and fresh spin on the Saints Row world. By distancing itself from the main franchise’s core characters and conflicts, the game is able to embrace its own aesthetic and create a new world that is just as weird and addicting as the original.

Aug 23, 2017

Like how the Saints Row franchise started off slowly – eventually turning into a juggernaut filled with fun – the Agents of Mayhem are starting their career off in the same manner. Slowly, solidly and repetitively.

Aug 15, 2017

A bit of a departure from Saints Row (though not really a massive one), Agents of Mayhem is an entertaining spin-off shooter laced with RPG elements that enhance an otherwise uncomplicated game. There's fun to be had here, providing you can get past the repetitive action.

Sep 13, 2017

There's so much to like if you're a fan of action cartoons but Agents of Mayhem is let down by repeated use of locations and annoying bugs.

Aug 17, 2017

The first few hours of Agents of Mayhem are genuinely exciting and entertaining. And funny too. It’s the open-world of high-tech Seoul and the repetitive missions that fail to live up to the colourful Agents and the Saturday morning cartoon vibe. Which is unfortunate. The juvenile sense of humour won’t appeal to everyone, but the same could be said for just about every Volition-developed title of the past decade. And in that sense, the studio’s latest effort is worth considering if you’re a Saints Row fan. For everyone else, imagine a ludicrous ‘80s cartoon built around the profane and juvenile marines featured in James Cameron’s classic film Aliens. Where they’re globe-trotting government agents, and prone to enter fits of gravity defying carnage.

Aug 17, 2017

A barebones and lifeless open world experience that suffers from a lack of innovation, repetitive gameplay, and poor mission design. Its characters are interesting on their surface level and its laughs are cheap, if they make you laugh at all, but Agents of Mayhem is certainly Volition’s most disappointing entry in the Saint’s Row-Red Faction universe.

Agents of Mayhem News

  • September 28, 2017

    Volition tights its belt: the studio lets go of 30 people after Agents of Mayhem’s lower sales than expected.

    Volition tights its belt: the studio lets go of 30 people after Agents of Mayhem’s lower sales than expected


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