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Watch Dogs 2 is a sequel to Ubisoft's first open-world hacker-vigilante simulator Watch Dogs. The player becomes Marcus Holloway, a young man living in the sunny San Francisco, allied with DedSec to take down ctOS 2.0, the successor of the invasive...

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Second installment of Ubisoft title in which our character was a clever hacker wich can hack any electronic system using his mobile phone.

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Along the same vein, in Watch Dogs 2 our character is Marcus Holloway, a brilliant young hacker, belonging to one of the most important groups of hackers in the world, DedSec.

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Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Nov 28, 2016
50 GB

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I enjoyed the first Watch Dogs, but I mostly ran straight through it, one main mission after another, without caring much from the side content that felt out of place. I'm playing Watch Dogs 2 very differently and enjoying it immensely: the setting and story give me more incentive to explore and play with the world, and with many cool gadgets and skills at my disposal, this is a lot of fun. If you like silly humour (the game does not take itself too seriously), the story is also pretty entertaining... overall a great open world game, and it's also beautiful and runs very smoothly on my GTX 970.


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Honestly this game is great. My only 'complaint' is I wish it had first person mode like GTA V that said, I love the game's representation of san fran and it runs very well at launch, which sadly is saying something right now. Like dishonored 2, fallout 4, etc. all had horrible optimization at launch. Funny after the AC fiasco ubisoft really stepped that part up, both division and this run very well and it's a great game. Hands down, watch dogs 1 with a better location, more fun vibe and more freedom. derp, it's great. Did I say how good it was?


Awesome game, PC version runs well to!! This is a vast improvement over the first game, the writing is much better, the online aspects are improved and the new gadgets and such are great to. Pick this up asap, this is the game Watch Dogs 1 should have been. Oh yeah and the game world is wonderful, makes me want to visit San Fran.


A pleasant surprise!

Wasn't thinking of buying this Watch Dogs, because how cheated I felt with the first one, but I don't regret buying it! With the recent big titles of Ubisoft being well optimised and often that they are releasing good/mediocre games, my faith for Ubisoft is starting to restore.

The PC version of Watch Dogs 2 is fairly optimised, with some settings taking too much of an fps hit in my opinion. What I mean by that is, I can't, for example, play this game stable (60 fps) if I turn on 2x MSAA, Nvidia's own settings or turning up extra details. However, the game looks good even if I turn those settings down/off.

Both the side missions and main missions are fun if a bit repetitive. The hacking aspect of the game is, of course, a part of the missions, but I can often choose how I want to complete it: either by killing everyone, doing it stealthy or hacking. It feels enough different for me to keep going. Sidequests are often times fun and goofy, which makes the repetitive hacking feel a lot more rewarding and therefore more fun. The one thing that really didn't feel that much fun was the collecting part since it often made me go up a really high roof and then climb all the way down again.

Sometimes I feel like the story of the game try to take itself seriously, and sometimes like it isn't. That kind of work in the sense that the hacking group is created by young hipster people. Basically, it is a decent story, with some weird parts and characters. The one thing that kind of disturbed me is that the group works to help the people living in San Fransisco, but I can still go around killing innocent guards and people during missions. It would have been nice with some kind of moral mechanic in the game so that I got less or lost followers.

My favourite thing is the amount of customization you can do to the character. It would have been nice having that amount to the cars and weapons as well, but you always want more I guess. I have never seen a game with soo many clothes options.

Overall, it's a good game and I highly recommend it.

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