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Total War WARHAMMER II is the second episode of the Creative Asembly strategy game, from the creators of the famous Total War franchise, experts in creating strategy games and mass battles in real time. This new episode of Total War WARHAMMER is due to be released on September 28, 2017, and it is now possible preorder it and win a number of incredible bonuses. As in the first episode, we will choose one of the races available, this time we will be able to select the High Elves, the Lizardmen or the Dark Elves, each with its type of units totally different with respect to the other armies, its advantages and disadvantages and their unique heroes, all taken from the famous Warhammer Fantasy board game.

In addition to the new armies, and their respective combat units, such as the huge Lizardmen dinosaurs that will wreak havoc on enemy lines, or the unbreakable lines of High Elf lancers covered by battalions of fearsome archers, among many other units, this Total War WARHAMMER 2 will be spectacular. The magic will now be more powerful than ever, either by the hand of the all-powerful Teclis, the most powerful magician that ever existed, able to unleash the winds of magic upon his enemies with devastating effects. The agile elves of the Dark Elves, capable of shattering their enemies with deadly movements.

Or the huge Tyranosaurios Rex of the Lizard Men, which will be very difficult to stop. Among the news, and confirmed by the developers, is that if we have the first delivery of the title we can mix both games giving rise to a huge campaign map that we can conquer with any of the features of the first or second delivery.


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