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April 20, 2017
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Syberia 3 Details

The first two Syberia games made a strong impression on the fans of adventure games everywhere. After over a decade Benoît Sokal comes back, and Syberia 3 comes back with him. That's right.

The cult classic from early aughts is revived with the long-awaited sequel. The next chapter of Kate Walker's story takes her on a journey with a nomadic tribe. Are you ready to dust your snowshoes and venture into the unknown? Surprising revival Kate Walker finds herself as stunned as everyone else at the beginning of the game.

Lost adrift after the events of Syberia 2, she winds up washed ashore and rescued by the Youkol tribe. Syberia III is as much the next chapter in Walker's story as it is a new journey, new adventure, both for her and the players. Whether you are the series' veteran or new to the party, the story will be gripping and take you to creative locales brought to life in the imagination of its creator.

Benoît Sokal at the helm Syberia III wouldn't be a proper continuation if the mastermind behind the previous two entries, Benoît Sokal, wasn't the creator of this one too. Although gone are his masterful watercolor paintings that used to serve as the backgrounds, the distinctive art direction remains at strength and can be seen everywhere from character designs to architecture and locales. Sokal is also the game's writer, making sure it is a worthy successor to the originals.

Are you ready to find out what else life has in store for Kate? More bizarre creatures and steampunk locales How can you beat a mammoth? Answer is: you can't, but that doesn't mean you can't try. One of the creatures central to Syberia 3 are enormous snow ostriches kept by the Youkol tribes. But weird wildlife is not the only thing awaiting Kate.

Syberia III has no shortage of automatons and people, who can be weirder than any creature you could meet. Original soundtrack by Inon Zur Alongside the cult franchise and its famed creator, another name known to many is behind the music. Inon Zur, the talent behind the soundtracks for dozens of games is the one to score Kate Walker's new adventure.

Among his creations are the OSTs for Dragon Age: Origins, Icewind Dale II, and Syberia II, to name just a few. Inon Zur's music and Benoit Sokal's visuals mesh to create atmosphere that will keep you playing for hours. Puzzles and enigmas True to the genre, Syberia III is a sweeping personal story and puzzles to overcome on your way.

Gather tools and seemingly inconsequential items, scout your surroundings. Syberia III marks the return of classic adventure games like the original Syberias or the Myst series. Help Kate Walker fix complicated devices, open locks, use the environment to her advantage.

Syberia III is not for the impatient.

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Apr 21, 2017

TL:DR I'm really liking this game. The story is compelling, the puzzles are creative, and it just gives me that same feeling that the previous Syberia games gave me.

So, I've probably played a good chunk of this game now. I had my expectations set low, as I didn't really know how this game would turn out. Before playing it, I thought it would be another tacked-on sequel, with no new ideas or personality.

I was pleasantly surprised.

The game follows Kate Walker, after being ditched by Voralburg. She's on the run after not returning the contract for the Voralburg factory, with accusations of embezzlement. However, she has the Yukals on her side on her journey.

About controls: they have changed since the first game. Don't get me wrong: this is still a point-&-click, but movement is controlled using the arrow keys. I guess you could say it's slightly clunky, but it works.

I personally think that the graphics are quite nice, however, that could be subjective. Some parts definitely look better than others, and I actually prefer the in-engine cutscenes to the pre-rendered ones. The graphics aren't any different to the trailers, so you can probably make judgement based on that.

Puzzles and story is where this game really shines. The story does a great job at continuing the adventure: and adventure there is. I've already experienced some plot-twists I've never saw coming, and I feel that the pacing is quite good. The puzzles are similar to the previous games, if not slightly easier (which is welcome to me, as I found the previous games pretty difficult).

The only criticism I would say is at the beginning, the game sets you down a narrow path. If you find an item, sometimes you cannot get it until someone points it out to you. This is pretty frustrating.

Overall though, this game feels like a Syberia game, and gets the tone right. A couple of technical issues are there, but they have not made me enjoy this game any less.

Apr 20, 2017

The game stayed true to it's source material. I like that the graphics and control options and gameplay did not deviate too much from the previous two games. There are some extra control options but nothing complicated or annoying.

That being said, there is one issue that bothered me while playing, the voice overs are a bit out of sync at times, I don't know if it is an easy fix but some people could find this very annoying. The story is interesting, it has a few surprises along the way.

Players new to the franchise should first at least watch a walkthough of the first two games, otherwise you will probably not like this game, half of it is about the nostalgia. If you are thinking about buying the game wait for a 30% discount, at the moment the price is too high.

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